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How fleet management systems can help with on-road accidents?


Roads are unpredictable. You never know what road is going to lead you or your drivers into an unfortunate accident. While we can’t control how other people drive, we can certainly monitor our own driving behavior and practice safe driving habits from the moment we turn on our vehicle’s ignition. The rising costs of accidents, the inconvenience of legal proceedings, and time-consuming insurance claims are exhausting fleet managers. This is why we have got just the right solution to help fleet managers react immediately to road crashes. 

With Uffizio’s fleet management system, you get:

1. Fast Notifications:

Quickly know the how, where, when, and who of any road accident and dispatch help. You can also track nearby police stations or hospitals. Be the first to know about an accident in real-time and take corrective measures. Save lives and reduce downtime with fast notifications. 

2. Accurate Driver Monitoring:

Most accidents happen due to reckless, inattentive drivers. With Uffizio, you can keep an eye on your drivers through SmartDashcams and driving alerts. Experience 100% visibility by staying updated with every second of in-fleet activity. For instance, get notified when your driver over speeds, brakes too sharply, or when the driver gets sleepy on the road. You can use these video and data-based insights to coach and educate your drivers. 

3. Follow Feature:

Worried about a reckless driver? Or do you want to monitor a driver closely to get a better idea of their driving patterns? Either way, the Follow feature on our live-tracking screen is your friend. Monitor risky drivers from start to finish and get instant notifications for driving violations.  

4. Video Telematics Tools:

AI-enabled dashcams, road-facing, or rear-view cameras can help your drivers make the “tough” decisions on the road. It may be merging into a highway, changing lanes, or backing up from a tight parking spot—video telematics tools can help your driver make smarter, safer road decisions. Tools like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) slash down accident risks and protect your drivers by enforcing safety norms. 

5. Optimizing Delivery Jobs:

Accidents affect business productivity. Fleet managers struggle to complete on-time deliveries when even one of their drivers meets with an accident. To tackle this issue, we offer our dynamic Job module that lets fleet managers optimize routes and reassign deliveries on the go. This helps fleet managers redistribute delivery responsibilities to other drivers. Don’t let accidents hurt your business productivity. Achieve 100% on-time deliveries and make your business accident-proof with Uffizio’s fleet management system.