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Fuel under control with Trakzee


In today’s world, one of the invaluable assets is vehicle fuel, as its prices are rising high. Every industry is trying taking measures to keep the check on fuel consumption. Managing the costs of fleet work begins with fuel management.

If you are one, then what measures have you taken? How much fuel saved by it? Do you have records? It must have been difficult for you. You may have collected all the bills and filled them and kept a note on the day when you refilled fuel again.

The manual calculation is possible for a vehicle, but can we do the same for the dozens of fleets in our company? Can we achieve accurate results? No, not possible practically, and so you will end up spending a lot on the fuel. 

So nowadays, many industries are choosing the fleet monitoring systems, and today we are here to tell you everything about it.

What is a fuel monitoring system?

Fuel monitoring systems are the boon for companies as they are used to maintain, control and check fuel consumption. They are designed to give live fuel levels, fuel consumption, and fuel refilling details in the fleet. These systems additionally offer abnormality in fuel levels. In this way, fuel monitoring is a valuable element in fleet management to achieve fuel efficiency.

Uffizio is at your help and it has developed a fuel monitoring system in Trakzee to fulfil the needs of fuel tracking. Trakzee has proved to be the best choice for fleet management, so let’s know how amazing is its fuel monitoring system

Fuel monitoring system in Trakzee


Trakzee’s fuel monitoring system is compatible with the fleets, as sensors do fuel monitoring. The customer can on top get fuel reports with the help of the gauge and previously entered the mileage of the vehicle.

The customer can receive accurate results by the sensor fixed in the geometrical centre fuel tank. As soon as the vehicle connects the sensor, the customers can get information on fuel consumption, fuel level, fuel leak, and it generates necessary alerts and reports.

Sensors find the fuel volume and generate fuel volume in litres or the percentage of the full tank. These sensors deliver information on raising or lowering fuel level or volume to the user. 

The calculation of fuel consumption is carried out based on the mileage of the vehicle and the fuel refilled with previously entered mileage.

The gauge helps to monitor the storage level on the site when the fuel is filled and then updates this data in the fuel monitoring system. Thus, the system detects leakage through leakage level analysis.

You must have followed the working of the fuel monitoring system. Now, let’s take a ride through the features of Trakzee’s fuel monitoring system. 

Fuel reports

This is an important feature of the fuel monitoring system. It records every activity from the fuel filled until the tank is empty.

The user gains information on their fuelling costs and detailed reports about fuel like last filled, how many litres filled, how much consumed, fuel tank lid opening date and location. 

These reports include checking real-time fuel levels, the drop in fuel level, theft or leakage in the tank, mileage, and more. After the report generation, it gets displayed on your desktop and your phone through this fuel monitoring system of Trakzee. 

Fuel Theft

Many times, the drivers steal the fuel and then sell them to other consumers for a lower price compared to the real price or manipulate bill amount. In these situations, it was difficult to know about the theft.

Not only the theft but also the leakage can also be the reason for the decrease in fuel level and so, it’s important to track the fuel. 

Now, know where and how fuel was drained from the vehicle and get alerts regarding fuel theft with the fuel monitoring system.

The sensors installed will receive data of fuel level changes and so the user will be aware of the unauthorized fuel loss. The sensor will make sure the gathered data are transferred to the system and so that necessary steps are taken.


The fuel monitoring system in Trakzee can be your helping hand in fuel consumption and efficiency. When you have control over your fleet fuel, you will ultimately save your money. Saving fuel will not only help you but will also help to save fuel for the future. Save fuel save energy.