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Car Theft in South Africa- Major issue to be solved


One of the important assets we own is our car. Big or small, it’s our luxury. Everybody saves their earnings to own at least one car in their lifetime. And when you lose the luxury, it hurts.

According to a survey held in South Africa, it has one of the highest vehicle thefts with a ratio of 201.6 motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 citizens. It has become a major issue faced by people.

Thus, today we will try to see the problems faced by South Africa.

Problems faced by South Africa

South Africa has the most affected country in the world by car theft. This condition is getting worse as the market for a stolen car is increasing. 

There is an increase in motor car theft during weekends compared to weekdays. 

As more vehicles in public places on weekends.

They steal cars from homes, workplaces, or parking with various breaking methods.

People believe that they steal only expensive cars, but it’s a myth. As fancy cars are easily unsold and anybody can recognize them.

The thief steals the cars for which buyers are easily available in South Africa. 

So, the more popular the car, the higher the chance is of the vehicle being stolen or hijacked and the vehicles whose parts can use in other vehicles, mainly in taxis.

Car hijacking is also a big threat to the citizens of South Africa. Car hijacking or carjacking is getting worse day by day. According to a survey, they hijack 45 cars every day.

Mexico is among the chief countries facing this country, but they have been able to get the vehicles back.

Uffizio with help of Trakzee will prevent theft and get back the car if stolen.

Solution by Trakzee

Trakzee has many useful features for vehicle maintenance but here we will talk about the solution of Car Theft.

GPS Tracking 

Trakzee is an efficient fleet tracking system that is available at an affordable price to prevent theft. It means you have to spend a little more while purchasing the car.

The trackers detect unusual routing which means if the vehicle is using another way than the usual.

The system helps you detect the driver’s behaviours and, the MDVR records real-time video and history video of the car. Thus, it helps you know what is happening in the car and can be used as evidence if required.

Moreover, the software traces the current location of the vehicle. 

The alerts are generated to help you know if any unusual activity is happening in your vehicle.

You can also get reports of the car which can be used as evidence in case of theft.

This means you can get back your vehicle even after the theft. 

Parking safety

We should use the well-lit parking zone for parking the vehicle, especially near the security camera helps to catch the thief. We consider the parking garages safe. It’s true but never choose an isolated garage as it can compromise vehicle safety. 

Trakzee ensures the safety of the vehicle in the parking zone. When you park the vehicle remember to turn on the parking mode in Trakzee. If anybody tries to open the vehicle then the emergency siren blows in your phone to inform you about the theft attempt. This mode will be active until the parking mode is turned off manually.


The government and citizens of South Africa working hard to solve the car theft problem. Every country has to look forward to preventing car theft, as you may not be at the top of the list but many people in your country must have faced it. So, go tracking and keep your cars safe with Trakzee.