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Agri-Area GPS Field Area Measure


Agriculture is comprised of the effort of multiple activities on the field. For instance, Ploughing, seed sowing, irrigation, weeding, Pesticide spraying, and Harvesting. Most of the activities are done on a definite demarcated land.

Agri area is a tool that can be used to measure the perimeter and area of a specific region of interest. This is helpful for all the people who are in agricultural activities and those who provide services related to area-based payment calculations (like tractor service).


Traditionally all these activities were done manually or by using Animal driven Energy. But after mechanization in Agriculture, these works are done by Machinery like a tractor-driven plough, harvesters, soil cultivators, etc. Most of the activity is done on Area basis calculation. It is very hectic to calculate the field manually, so the largest of the work is done with an assumed cost estimation. Besides that, mapping land manually may be full of mistakes and very time-consuming.

The Solution

The tool is specially created to measure the field covered by the equipment or vehicle within a specific time frame. With this feature, you can plot the area manually on the map. The area or perimeter on which work was performed can be marked precisely. This tool is modeled with GPS. So, the live tracking feature is also available which shows both the Default screen and the Playback screen. This will make our task easier and very reliable.

The Result

This tool helps the user to measure the area on interchangeable units like hectares, acres, feet, or miles. The client can also measure the area covered by a vehicle in a certain period to increase efficiency. Since the tool is integrated with GPS as a fundamental unit, it gives an accurate measurement. Thus, wage calculation becomes much easier than before. The client can charge for the actual area of service provided by creating a geofence using the tool. This innovation can serve all the communities associated with farming making their work easier and very productive.