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What’s new for the month of June?



This month, we redesigned our SmartBus Parent and SmartBus Driver application to enhance user experience. We understand that our SmartBus application suite is critical for successful student transportation. With that objective in mind, we’ve revamped these applications to enhance safety and security. Keep reading to learn more about these newly updated apps.

The SmartBus Driver App

School bus drivers need to be alert at all times. When on the road, they need to drive responsibly for the safety of their student passengers. Although, this is easier said than done. Halting at the right pickup points, adjusting to new routes, and recording student attendance while driving is certainly not an easy task.

To help school bus drivers, we at Uffizio, have launched and updated our SmartBus Driver app. Using it, drivers can see upcoming and visited trips along with pickup and drop-off points. The estimated start and end times for the trip are also provided to help drivers stay on schedule. In case of delays, the school authorities get notified. Hence, all the concerned parties are aware of accurate bus locations and ETAs.

Even before the trip starts, the drivers can see the total number of students that need to be picked up or dropped off during transit. For each stoppage point along the route, the driver can see how many students need to be picked up. The name and photo of the student are made available to the driver. Once the attendance is confirmed, the status of the student is changed to onboard. On the other hand, when a student disembarks the bus, the status of the student gets changed to offboard.

Additionally, to cope with unexpected trips, we’ve enabled the Create Trip option. Using it, drivers can create new trips by simply entering the trip’s start and end points. They can add pickup and drop-off points along the route.

For safety reasons, we’ve also equipped the app with an SOS button. Drivers can use it to request assistance during emergencies like a flat tire or engine trouble. They can also use it to ask for help in case of accidents. The SOS button alerts the school authorities in real-time. Hence, this application bridges the gap between drivers and admins. For emergencies relating to an individual student, the contact information of the student’s guardian is also provided. Hence, the drivers can immediately get in touch with a concerned parent and resolve issues in real time.

SmartBus Parent App

Not knowing if your kids reached their schools safely can be scary. That’s why we are updating our SmartBus Parent application to reduce the anxiety associated with school travel. Here is how we do that:

Our live-tracking screen allows parents to track their children’s school buses. With smooth live tracking, they can see the buses move in real-time. Parents get to know accurate school bus ETAs and the current status of their child at any time.

They can also see the estimated pickup and arrival times of the school bus. This will help them get to the bus stop on time. A parent can customize reminders for an approaching bus. For instance, if a parent wishes to receive an upcoming bus reminder when the bus is 1 kilometer away from the bus stop, they can do so with the Parent app. These timely notifications will spare parents from waiting at the bus stop for long hours. Using this application, parents will only need to leave for the bus stop when the bus is just a few minutes away.

For added safety, parents can also view what’s happening inside the bus using the live video streaming option. Using this, they can make sure that your kid is safe at all times during the trip. They can also monitor the school bus drivers and look out for reckless driving or inappropriate behavior. The app also enables them to react to emergencies quickly. They get single-click access to the contact details of the school and the bus driver.

This enhanced interface will allow parents to operate this app without prior training. The app features are intuitive and easy to use. For convenience, the app is also available in dark mode. Hence, now parents will be able to monitor their child’s transit to school with ease.