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Let us bring you up to date!

At Uffizio, we are all ears for constructive criticisms! Taking them into consideration, our development team works relentlessly to enhance our user’s experience. They come up with meticulous updates and software integrations every month! So you know you are getting the best—always! 

Please keep reading to know all about our latest platform add-ons!

1. New widgets and Analytics added to our E-lock module!

A GPS-based e-lock, without a doubt, is the ideal choice to protect valuable business-related assets. An e-lock supersedes a traditional lock any day! Hence, giving you that added peace of mind. Uffizio helps you track your e-locks in real time and notifies you in case of tampering. You can playback travel routes or view historical paths if your e-lock is attached to an on-the-move consignment. 

  • E-lock reports and summary: Know and keep track of the number of times your e-lock was unfastened. 
  • E-lock Status: Track your E-lock’s location even when it’s on the road.
  • Battery Status: Access actionable data like e-lock charge percent and battery status and charge your e-locks preemptively. 
  • Violations: Precise and real-time notifications for:
    • E-lock Motor Fault
    • E-lock Open Back Cap
    • E-lock Steel String Cut
    • Unauthorized RFID
    • Unlocking

2. Multiple vehicle location sharing

Now, you can share the location of multiple vehicles! Copy location links of all those vehicles and share them simultaneously with concerned people via social media platforms. Now, you can access routes taken by more than one vehicle—all on one screen!

  • All-mile visibility: Share vehicle location links with distributors or consumers. See goods and products move along the delivery route—in real-time! 
  • Transparency: Grant direct tracking access via the copied location link. 
  • Link Validity Timeline: You can set a link validity timeline, ranging from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Post that your shared link will be inaccessible.