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It’s been a while. Let’s catch up!

We strive continuously to make our solutions intuitive and easy to use. We work round-the-clock, finding ways to elevate our application—making it as user friendly as we can. Our development team’s diligence to enhance our platform shows every time! So, spare a minute to familiarize yourself with our platform’s new and improved functionalities.

1. Multi-colored geofences:

Trakzee users can now access multi-colored geofences! Access this feature either from Trakzee’s live-tracking screen or the Geofence tab. Choose from a collection of exciting color-palate and categorize created geofences.

  • Configurable color-coding:

Manage multiple geofenced perimeters like a pro! You can distinguish one geofence from another by using colors. For instance, farm owners can identify cultivated fields by assigning unique colors to different crops.

  • Time-Saving

Remember why you created a geofence in a single glimpse–with multi-colored geofencing!

Multi colored geofences

2. Keyhole Markup Language (KML)

Interoperable data at your fingertips! Streamline your business operations with precise latitudinal and longitudinal degrees!

  • User convenience:

Upload KML data files on any open source viewer or google earth. 

  • Pragmatism:

Pinpoint locations and share rich geospatial data with your crew!

Playback KML Download

3. Trace the asset’s trip history

Users can now playback vehicle trips on the live-tracking screen using the Object Path feature. Available on the Web as well as Mobile applications!

  • Accessibility:

Users can look at an asset’s traveled routes while seeing their position in real time!

  • Save time:

Don’t waste seconds browsing screens. View historical and current trips, simultaneously, with a single click!

Playback KML Download

4. Location sharing

Copy location links and share them with concerned people via social media platforms. Access it using the Tooltip!

  • All-mile visibility:

 Share vehicle location links with distributors or consumers. See goods and products move along the delivery route—in real-time! 

  • Transparency:

Grant direct tracking access via the copied location link.

It’s been a while

5. CAN Odometer

Obtain data directly from your vehicle’s odometer and zero in on quantification errors.

  • Increased Accuracy:

Get unerring vehicle metrics, like distance and speed, for added precision.

6. Intelligible Tooltip

Our easy-to-use tooltip got even cooler. 

  • Added Infographics:

  Symbols, colors, and minimal text—for on-the-go access!

  • Time Saver:

         Crisp data analytics to save time during valuable business hours.