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What’s new for the month of January!

Trakzee mobile and web applications went through many updates last month. Not only did we make Trakzee more user-friendly, but also solved temperature sensor issues that have been troubling the cold-chain logistics businesses. If you think this is interesting, you should keep reading to learn more about all our updates.

1. Trakzee is now available in dark mode

It was really important for us to make Trakzee a fleet management software as user-friendly as we can, which is why we have implemented the dark mode. You can now access the interface with a black background and white text. Please enjoy this sleeker, cooler look of Trakzee. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Reduce eyestrain 
  • Access user-friendly interface

2. As many widgets as you like on the dashboard

We offer a variety of widgets on our dashboard. And now, you can enable as many of those widgets as you like. Trakzee users will no longer be restricted to selecting a certain number of widgets. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Enjoy practical analytics on the go
  • Select as many widgets as you want. Scroll down to access them.

3. Trip classification

The vehicle you are tracking could either be used to make a business trip or a personal one. Some companies offer reimbursements for professional trips and such enterprises could really benefit from a trip classification feature.

How does this update affect me?

  • Categorize trips into personal and businesses, even before you start them
  • Keep a record of professional trips and process reimbursements with confidence

4. Adding Tanker door widget to the  tool-tip

If you’re a dairy or an oil and gas business, you will agree with us when we say that monitoring milk/oil tankers is very important. Any tampering with the tanker doors could indicate theft. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Quickly access tanker door updates from the vehicle tool-tip (on the live-tracking screen).
  • Take corrective action when you notice unlocked tanker doors.
  • Prevent theft, pilferage, or contamination of commodities. 

5. Access temperature insights for every trip!

For cold-chain logistics and product sustenance, temperature insights are crucial. Having access to the temperature of your stored goods while they are in transit is a game-changer. Businesses can take proactive actions and reduce product spoilage. WIth the trip-wise temperature report, Trakzee users will know the average temperature of their goods during each trip. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Increase product sustenance with real-time insights
  • Identify the driver and location of the vehicle. These will help you take proactive action

6. Adding a “Driver“ Tab on Live-tracking Screen

Managing drivers is one of the most important aspects of fleet management and any fleet management software solution is practically incomplete without a rich driver monitoring toolset. For those reasons and user convenience, we have added a brand-new tab titled “Driver” on Trakzee’s live-tracking screen. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Check if a vehicle is assigned to a driver or not in a single click.
  • The enhancement saves you time as you don’t need to click on every single vehicle to check the driver’s status. 
  • Quickly allocate drivers using the “Assign Object” tab.

7. New alerts for base location

Are you worried about your unauthorized fleet movements at your business’ base location? Or even worse, are you worried that your drivers are still at the base location when they should be on the road. Well, good for you, we have cracked this problem down. 

How does this update affect me?

  • Be the first to know about unauthorized fleet movements at base or fleet overstay by setting up base location alerts. 
  • Receive SMS alerts and in-app notifications.
  • Get better trip start and end estimates. 

8. You can now analyze data from multiple temperature sensors

We know that temperature sensor data is essential for cold-chain logistics. Industries like pharma and FMCG rely on sensor data for successful deliveries. With Trakzee, you already have tools to assess temperature-related insights. We’ve got trip-wise charts and reports—so you know at what temperatures your cargo is getting shipped. But why stop there? Our chart comparison option is going to unlock new data trends and insights for you. 

How does this update affect me?

  • View temperature sensor analytics with an option to compare multiple charts. 
  • Toggle between analytics obtained from multiple temperature sensors. 
  • Analyze trends across the board and master cold-chain logistics. 

9. Perfecting fuel sensor calibration by integrating the Height parameter

The height parameter is integrated especially for ultrasonic fuel sensors. Ultrasonic sensors are perfect for fuel tanks that are irregularly shaped. This height parameter is considered by our advanced algorithms to calculate accurate fuel quantities.  

How does this update affect me?

  • The fuel sensor connected to your vehicle’s fuel tank will now forward the value of “height” in addition to the volume. 
  • This data is processed by algorithms to report fuel levels with a tiny margin of error.