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Revolutionize Asset and Fleet Safety using E-locks Webinar by Uffizio and Pictor Telematics.

E-locks are trending. Would you like to know why?

They enhance the overall safety of your mobile assets and fleets while providing you with operational visibility that will greatly impress you! Unlock consignments remotely, get notifications for tampering or unauthorized activities, and be the first to know when your assets arrive at their destinations.

Topics to be discussed in this webinar

1. Understanding E-locks and their types

  • What is an e-lock? How to choose an e-lock that works best for you? Let’s find out together!

2. Insights into the Global E-lock market

  • Market insights into e-lock trends from 2016 through 2026!

3. Benefits of E-locks

  • Reduced losses, zero thefts, real-time alerts, improved visibility, and more!

4. Use cases

  • See how niche businesses have employed e-locks to increase the overall safety and security of their assets.

5. Hardware and Software Solutions

  • Choose the right type of hardware device and see which software functionalities may work best for your business.

6. Question and Answers

  • Our speakers will be more than happy to answer your questions during or at the end of the webinar.