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Industrial and Medical Waste Management

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on several aspects of our lives—giving us an opportunity to rethink the way we manage infectious, hazardous waste.

– Inappropriate waste management has caused public-health consequences and environmental problems.

– Increasing carbon footprint, microplastic contamination, and global warming are irreversible side effects of improper waste management.

– How can we stop this? How do we make greener & more sustainable choices?

– Let’s find out together in this “Industrial and Medical Waste Management” webinar which is presented to you by Uffizio and its channel partner ANS IT India.


What to expect from this webinar?

1. About Uffizio and its channel partner ANS IT India


    • Know what these companies do & see what they’ve accomplished so far.


2. Industrial Waste


    • Define Industrial waste. Who’s generating it? Are we able to process it efficiently?


3. Medical Waste


    • How are we handling this category of waste? What constitutes medical waste?


4. Solutions


    • Speakers will briefly discuss how telematics solutions are a perfect remedy to the waste mismanagement crisis.


5. Q & A Session


    • Our speakers will draw on their work experience to answer your questions.