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Tracking and managing water tanker vehicles

Tracking and managing water tanker vehicles

The government mandates the supply of drinking water to rural areas that are experiencing shortages. Due to a lack of infrastructure, freshwater cannot be piped to these villages. Hence, water needs to be transported via tank trucks. We help businesses track these trucks—making sure water reaches all those who truly need it!

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Without live-tracking, businesses have trouble knowing if their tankers have delivered water to the right areas or not.

Since water distribution depends on trucks, unexpected breakdowns could cause delays and worsen conditions for drought-stricken areas.

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With Uffizio, businesses could track water trucks and make sure they are distributing water to the right places in good time. You get notified in case of route deviations or unnecessary stoppages.

Recording the water levels of the tanker helps stakeholders prevent theft or water wastage.

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Maintenance reminders enhance fleet performance and eliminate unwanted fleet breakdowns.

Tools that help you excel


Uffizio provides businesses with tools and actionable data—so they no longer operate in the dark. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. For higher profits, greater scalability, and efficient operations-choose Uffizio!

Sensor Integration

We monitor water levels via sensors and prevent possible thefts or misuse.

Optimized Routes

Make sure all your resources are efficiently used! Create well-planned routes using our Route Optimization feature. Reduce travel times and fuel costs!

Customizable Alerts

To keep you aware of all driving violations like route deviation or excessive idling.

Managing Trips

Trip creation allows you to create delivery routes that the drivers must follow. You can also schedule trips for the future and share them with your drivers.

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