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Routing and dispatch for police vehicles

Routing and dispatch for police vehicles

Police patrollers are not only expected to patrol round the clock but also keep tabs on street crimes. Hence, knowing the patrol vehicle’s status in real-time is essential. The Police department needs to know the routes taken by patrol vehicles. Notifications for emergencies like vehicle breakdown need to be set. For all this, Uffizio’s software services can be deployed.

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P.D., as a solution to these challenges, installed GPS trackers in all patrol vehicles.

Now, they can know if the vehicle is on the move or overstaying a certain point. Additionally, they can check for unauthorized vehicle usage by looking at the vehicle’s historical routes.


Now, they could also access data regarding the speed of the vehicles, distance traveled by them, number of trips taken, and stoppages.

The P.D could geofence ward boundaries, and get notified if a patrol van violates it.


Besides, the police officers could request roadside assistance, when required.

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Route Optimization

Our Route optimization feature sketches out beeline routes that enable covering greater areas, more frequently. While keeping a check on fuel costs.


Maintenance reminders help increase patrol vehicle uptime and prevent unexpected breakdowns.


SOS modules, designed especially to request roadside assistance and backup force.

Third-Party Software Integration

With live-tracking, the P.D. could monitor multiple patrol vehicles from a single screen.

3000 +

Patrol vans and bikes were equipped with Uffizio's GPS tracking software

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40000 +

Successful trips per day

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23.45 %

Reduction in fuel consumption

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