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Tracking railway workforce

Tracking railway workforce

Gang men and key men collectively patrol 40,000 kilometers round-the-clock, even in adverse climates. They are the last line of defense, walking 8 kilometers daily, as they look out for potential railway track defects. Hence, establishing effective communication channels was crucial for the safety of key men as well as the traveling passengers.

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The Indian Railways needed a better, more optimal, system for:

  • monitoring key men routes
  • checking if all allocated points are visited
  • ensuring if they made all necessary repairs
  • calculating key men’s wages based on the distance traveled.

This posed a threat to safe train travels. Imagine trains running on unserviced tracks!

Uffizio helped the Indian Railways overcome these issues by providing key men with GPS trackers.


Now, they were able to track the key men’s route, calculate distance traveled, and estimate their wages accordingly.

This increased visibility helped to alert keymen in case of any danger. On the flip side, the key men used our SOS module to request assistance.

railway gang man

Real-time alerts and notifications for incomplete tasks missed checkpoints or employee inactivity.

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Trakzee ensured the safety of key men and the passengers through alerts and reminders.

Ease of Automatic Wage Allocation

Trakzee calculated the wages of the key men based on the distance traveled.

Checking Violations

Using the parameters of distance and time, Trakzee determined the speed of the key men and reported violations if a  vehicle was used for patrolling.

Efficiency and Precision

Access to accurate reports in real-time and automated monitoring of the key men’s tasks.

5000 +

Key men tracked.

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70.09 %

Increase in the safety of key men!

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1800 +

Successful trips per day.

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