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Improving Hotel DG Set Performance Through Telematics

In the hotel industry, it’s important to keep the power running smoothly. This is to ensure guest’s comfort, safety, and the smooth operation of the hotel. Power cuts can cause disruptions and make guests unhappy. To deal with these challenges, hotels use DG (Diesel Generator) sets as backup power sources. Advanced Telematics platform can make managing and using DG sets in hotels much better.


Guest Discomfort

Power cuts disrupt heating, AC, lighting, and hot water, causing guest discomfort and negative experiences.

Safety Concerns

Power outages can compromise safety systems, including fire alarms, security cameras, etc. This can create safety hazards for both guests and staff.

Loss of Revenue

Hotels may experience a loss of revenue during power cuts, as guests may choose to check out early or cancel reservations.

Food Spoilage

Hotels with on-site kitchens depend on electricity for refrigeration and cooking. Long power outages can spoil food, causing financial losses.

Operational Disruptions

Power cuts can disrupt hotel operations, including reservation systems, check-in/check-out processes, and communication with guests.


  • Real-time Monitoring

    Various sensors are to be installed on DG sets. These sensors continuously monitor key parameters such as power generation, fuel levels, and engine parameters, etc and provide real-time data.

  • Schedule Maintenance Reminders

    Schedules maintenance reminders such as oil change, coolant service, battery maintenance, scheduled inspection, etc. Ensure that regular maintenance tasks are performed promptly.

  • Fuel Consumption Optimization

    Real-time monitoring of fuel levels and consumption patterns allows hotels to optimize fuel orders. It ensures an adequate supply without excess inventory.

  • Remote Start and Shutdown

    Hotel staff can remotely start, stop, or adjust DG set parameters, ensuring quick responses to changing power demands.

  • Instant Alerts

    The software offers a comprehensive range of alerts, including power outage alerts, low fuel levels, critical faults, maintenance reminders etc. These alerts ensure proactive and efficient management of DG sets in hotels.


Guest Satisfaction

Ensure a seamless guest experience, reducing the likelihood of discomfort during power outages.

Cost Savings

Predictive maintenance and optimized fuel management reduce operational costs associated with DG sets.

Reduced Downtime

Faster response times and proactive maintenance mean less downtime, enhancing operational continuity.

Environmental Benefits

Improved fuel management and energy efficiency contribute to reduced carbon emissions.

Operational Continuity

DG sets guarantee the continuous functioning of critical hotel services, such as reservations, security, and kitchen operations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data analytics provide valuable insights for better decision-making and resource allocation.