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Platform Updates for the month of April

Here is what we have been working on—over the past month. Please spare a minute and go through our most recent platform updates!


Custom option for the validity of “Shared Location” links

Earlier, the minimum range for shared location’s link was an hour. But now for those users who want to share the location for a few minutes, we have introduced the custom option. From where the users will be able to choose the link’s activation validity starting from minutes, hours, and to the next desired stop.

How does it work?

From the tooltip, the users will be able to share the object’s live location for custom time or to the next stop point (i.e next ignition off) and after the mentioned time the link will be automatically expired.


New and improved Compare Path Screen

Compare path is the feature that can be used in the case, where the user wants to determine extra miles covered from the driver’s activity. And for comparing the paths, earlier the user needed to save the path first and then compare with the playback’s path.

But now we are introducing a new feature in the compare path. Which will allow the users to compare the playback’s path from selecting past date’s path or with an existing saved path. Hence, the users will get to know about the driver’s violation of the path.


Create Jobs with a single click!

Earlier, if the user wanted to make a job from a vehicle's past activity, Then there was no option available to do that from the system, and doing it manually can be hectic and a time-consuming task for the users. So as a solution to that we are now introducing options on the live tracking screen and in the job module. So that the users can define a job from past-dated playback. And manual work can be decreased to save planning time.

1. Create a job from Live tracking (Playback)

On every object’s playback bar there is an option to create a job. By clicking on this option all points considering start, end and stoppage will automatically be visible on the map. Moreover, if the user wants to edit, delete or add new checkpoints, then they can do this from the opened window. Additionally, the user will be able to swap the start and endpoint also with the available option.


2. Playback option in job module

For user convenience, we are giving the same option (i.e create a job from object’s playback) in the job creation screen also.


New and improved format for Reports!

We have launched the all-new download report format, which will be very useful for the users. Earlier, the users were downloading the summary and detail report individually. However, it is not a convenient option for those users who are having more number of vehicles. So as a solution, we have improvised the report format, which will be useful for all the users because the report will be visible in a format of summary and detail with indexing feature added, so that by clicking on the vehicle they will be directed to the desired vehicle’s page and they will be able to see the report in summary with detail format.

Swapping of Start and Endpoint in the job

We have added the feature to swap the starting and ending points which will be useful in case the user would like to make a job with checkpoints but would like to make a return journey job.(i.e the destination point will become a start point and vice versa) So by introducing the swapping feature of the start and endpoints, the user will be able to save his/her time.




Nowadays Elock’s are becoming compulsory for logistics and with increasing the demand of it’s tacking we have introduced a whole new module of E-lock and from this, the users will be able to set alerts and see violations, generate reports and they can get an idea of lock and unlock status of every e-lock available from the dashboard additionally we are providing the e-lock widget on the live tracking screen.

The user will be able to get information about violations (like tempering events, open back cap, wrong password attempt, and many more). Also, the user will get an idea of how many numbers of devices are having a battery in what range. We also have an E-lock status widget on the dashboard.



Force close the trip

Sometimes, it happens that the trip gets completed before the estimated time, but in the system, the trip will be visible ongoing. So we have provided a solution for that situation. In case this happens with any trip then we are giving the force close option on the live tracking and also in the actual trip report, the user will be able to see the trip status column, We have provided a manual close button over there also.

Alert in Email

For trips that are going to last for days and weeks, We have added a feature where the user can get an email notification after the trip gets started and also at the time of getting close.
Additionally, the user will be able to get the notification and vehicle’s location according to the set tolerance time period. So that the user will be notified that the consignment has arrived at which point.



Adding multiple visiting points at once

Earlier, the user wants to make multiple visiting points for one employee then the user is needed to make individual tasks for it. Which was kind of time-consuming for them. So as a solution to that, we have added a field from where the user will be able to add multiple places at once and the time and effort could be as minimum as possible.

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