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Say NO to vehicle downtime with fleet maintenance reminder

Fleet maintenance reminder is useful to improve fleet efficiency and reduce fleet downtime.

Maintenance is a common word in any industry. It is also an important factor to keep any fleet healthy. But missing any maintenance can cause huge repair cost. A vehicle can cost up to thousands of rupees. 

Today, the main problem faced by fleet managers is forgetting fleet maintenance. But this is not their fault, as remembering maintenance of multiple fleet is difficult. Moreover, it means maintaining every part of your fleet. So, remembering each maintenance of each vehicle is difficult.

So, it’s time to get help for your problem. 

Fleet Maintenance Reminder

Fleet maintenance reminder by Trakzee as its name suggests, reminds or notifies you about the upcoming fleet maintenance. This is important as it will remind you beforehand and thus support maintenance and expense management. 

It helps your fleet to operate in a safe and reliable condition for a long time. The main aim of it is to make sure that your fleet is well maintained. 

Customize your maintenance type. Then select maintenance according to your government rule or different parts. We have inbuilt choices like a battery, air filter, car wash, heavy-duty, coolant flush and oil change. You can select any of these according to your requirement. 

After this, you can set reminders according to duration, distance and work hour from your previous maintenance. You can add all or anyone from months, kilometres or hours for receiving the notification. Here, work hour means a working hour of your vehicle from the last maintenance.

Moreover, you will be able to set a reminder for upcoming maintenance by adding pre-defined days, kilometres and hours before the actual duration, distance and hours. It also gives the opportunity to select the users who should be notified along with methods of notification which are SMS, Email or both.

Let’s take an example to understand this, 

You had changed the oil for your truck on 12 December 2019. Now on the same day, you had set a reminder for 3 months, 5000kms and 1000 hours. You have also pre-defined that you should be notified before 5 days, 4000 km and hours about the upcoming services. Then you have selected that you, your manager, driver and technician should be notified via SMS about the service. So, the system will check if your truck is about to fulfil any of the set parameters. Then it found that your truck has completed  4000 km in 2 months and 450 hours. As it has completed 4000km, the system will remind you and the selected people via SMS about the next maintenance. 

Moreover, you can add a service reminder for multiple vehicles at the same time with simple steps. This will ultimately save your time. 

Trakzee also has expense management where you can add your expense to help you manage maintenance expense efficiently. Moreover, this will help the system to understand when you had done fleet maintenance and accordingly checks the upcoming maintenance. You will also be able to compare your expenses with history expense report provided by expense management.  

It also provides reminder status and expense history reports for a better understanding. The reminder status report will help you understand the missed and upcoming maintenance along with current maintenance. 

Below is the video which explains, fleet maintenance reminder with its uses


Fleet maintenance reminder gives a detailed view of maintenance and its expense for recognizing the improvement needed and eliminating fleet break down.  So, take a step to improve fleet efficiency with on-time fleet services. Get connected to with Trakzee to know more exciting features which will help you to understand your fleet in a better way along with its security.

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