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Xirgo Global XT2600

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global XT2600

Boasting a special algorithm, Xirgo Global XT2600 is adept at registering and providing comprehensive information crucial for insurance assessment. From driver behavior to speed, and CAN-BUS parameters, the XT2600 captures every second of a trip while consuming a minimal 2MB of data traffic per month.

Xirgo’s Rich Legacy in OBDII Technology

With over 14 years of expertise in OBDII technology and a remarkable track record of installing over 4.5 million OBD devices in more than 12 million vehicles, Xirgo stands as a leader in the field. The company’s dedicated OBD engineers, integral to crafting the OBD standard since 1996, bring a wealth of experience to the development of cutting-edge devices like the XT2600.

Seamless Integration with OBD2 for Effortless Operation

The XT2600 introduces a vehicle trip logger using OBD2, providing a seamless and straightforward interaction with your car. By simply plugging the Xirgo’s OBD2 GPS tracker into your vehicle’s OBD-II connector, the device is ready to function, eliminating the need for complex installations and reducing overall costs.

Versatility Meets Affordability: Plug-and-Play Design

The XT2600 stands out as the most versatile and economical telematics device in the market. Its plug-and-play design, featuring an integrated J1962 connector, facilitates easy installation into any vehicle’s OBD-II port. This design innovation significantly reduces the traditionally high cost of installation.

Comprehensive Vehicle Information at Your Fingertips

Designed to communicate vital vehicle information, the XT2600 offers insights into fuel levels, odometer readings, seat belt status, engine oil life, driver behavior, and precise location via GNSS. This wealth of information empowers insurance companies with a holistic view for accurate assessments.

Key Features of XT2600: A Technological Marvel

Network Compatibility: Supports 4G LTE – CatM1, NB IoT; 2G in EMEA and 4G LTE – Cat M1 & NBIoT in North America.
CAN Interface Support: Captures critical CAN parameters from the vehicle.
Efficient Data Usage: Registers second-by-second data with minimal data consumption.
Accident Detection: Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and motion detector for understanding driver behavior and accident detection.
Status Indicators: Features LED status indicators for GNSS lock, cellular registration, and OBD-II communication.
Integration with Xirgo’s Services: Seamlessly works with Xirgo’s device manager and XGFleet services for comprehensive telematics solutions.
Elevate Your Telematics Experience with XT2600

In conclusion, the Xirgo Global XT2600 emerges as a game-changer in the realm of telematics, specifically tailored for insurance companies. With its advanced features, efficient data usage, and seamless integration, the XT2600 sets a new standard in delivering precise and comprehensive vehicle information. Elevate your telematics experience with the XT2600—where versatility meets affordability.