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Xirgo Global XG4780

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global XG4780

Xirgo Global XG4780, a revolutionary self-contained LTE Cat M1 modem designed to redefine remote asset monitoring. This series integrates a host of advanced features, including a GPS engine, cellular antennas, accelerometer, motion detector, and a robust 5000 mAh internal rechargeable battery. Let’s explore the unparalleled capabilities that make the XG4780 series stand out in the world of telematics.

 Advanced Power Management for Efficient Operation

The XG4780 series boasts a unique power management algorithm, setting it apart from the competition. Even in sleep mode, the device consumes less than 2mA at 12V. This extraordinary efficiency ensures prolonged battery life while maintaining the capability for periodic reporting of health, status, and location of remote assets.

Versatility with Input/Output Ports

Equipped with multiple input/output ports, the XG4780 series provides exceptional flexibility for monitoring and controlling high-value remote assets. The ability to seamlessly connect with various devices and sensors also makes it an ideal choice for applications where input power availability is crucial.

Embedded Application for Streamlined Functionality

The XG4780 series comes with a proven embedded application, streamlining its functionality. This embedded software also enhances the device’s performance, ensuring reliability and ease of use for monitoring and control purposes.

Exceptional GPS Tracking Technology

Designed with the latest GPS technology, the XG4780 series excels in GPS tracking even under extreme conditions where other products may fail. This cutting-edge feature makes it the go-to solution for scenarios where precise location tracking is imperative.

Robust and Weatherproof Design (IP67)

The XG4780 series is housed in a weatherproof case with an IP67 rating, ensuring durability and resilience in various environmental conditions. This design feature makes it versatile and suitable for a myriad of applications, even in challenging weather conditions.

Applications Beyond Boundaries

The XG4780 series transcends conventional limitations, offering a range of applications across diverse industries. From asset tracking in logistics to remote monitoring in critical infrastructure, while its adaptability makes it a preferred choice for organizations seeking reliable and efficient telematics solutions.

Experience Unmatched Telematics with Xirgo Global XG4780

In conclusion, the Xirgo Global XG4780 series emerges as a game-changer in the realm of remote asset monitoring. With advanced features, efficient power management, and a weatherproof design, it surpasses expectations in delivering precise and comprehensive data. Elevate your telematics experience with the XG4780 series—where innovation meets reliability.

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