Xirgo Global XG4780

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global

The XG4780 series is an independent LTE Feline M1 modem with a coordinated GPS motor, cell recieving wires, accelerometer, movement finder, and 5000 mAh interior battery-powered battery. The XG4780 series includes a remarkable power the board calculation, which consumes under 2mA at 12V in rest mode yet still equipped for occasional detailing of wellbeing, status, and area of far off resources. With numerous information/yield ports and demonstrated implanted application, the XG4780 series is great for checking and control of high-esteem distant resources where information power accessibility is fundamental. The XG4780 series has been planned with the most recent GPS innovation permitting GPS following under outrageous circumstances where most other contending items fall flat. The weatherproof case IP67 permits the XG4780 to be utilized in a bunch of utilizations.

GPS Device hardware