Xirgo Global XG4600

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global XG4600

In the fast-paced world of distribution centers and warehouses, the quest to locate inventory swiftly and expedite shipments is paramount. Recognizing this challenge, Xirgo has innovated a solution to streamline the search for assets—introducing the Xirgo Global XG4600, a cutting-edge asset tracking solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Efficient Tracking with XG4600

Battery-Powered Convenience:
The XG4600 operates on easily replaceable 2xAA batteries, ensuring a seamless replacement process without disrupting ongoing operations. Configurable to report location scenarios while stationary or in motion, this device boasts low power consumption, offering an impressive battery life of up to 18 months.

Precision Location Reporting:
For precise location reporting, the XG4600 employs Wi-Fi routers, capturing MAC addresses from up to 10 routers in the vicinity. This results in accurate mapping with a resolution of up to 30 meters, making it an ideal solution for monitoring assets in various settings.

Robust Design for All Environments

Weather-Resistant Construction:
Built to endure diverse weather conditions, the XG4600 features an IP66-rated enclosure, ensuring resilience against the elements. This robust design enhances its suitability for both indoor and outdoor asset tracking applications.

Accelerometer-Based Reporting:
Equipped with motion/no-motion accelerometer-based reporting, the tracker provides nuanced data on asset movement. This feature adds an extra layer of intelligence to the tracking process, enhancing overall asset management.

User-Friendly Features

Intuitive Physical Button:
The XG4600 is equipped with a physical button on its casing, simplifying device control. This multifunctional button allows users to power the device on/off effortlessly and trigger a “report me now” function, swiftly relaying location and timestamps when pressed.

Versatile Asset Tracking Solution

Key Features at a Glance:

Low power consumption
Replaceable batteries
LTE M1 connectivity
Mounting cradle for easy installation
IP66-rated for weather resistance
Battery life indicator for efficient management
Accelerometer for nuanced motion reporting
Compact device with a diameter of 72mm
Conclusion: XG4600 —The Ultimate Asset Tracking Choice
In conclusion, the Xirgo Global XG4600 series stands out as a revolutionary asset tracking solution catering to the dynamic demands of distribution centers and warehouses. With its blend of efficiency, precision, and user-friendly features, the XG4600 redefines asset tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments. Choose the XG4600 for a seamless and effective asset management experience.

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