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Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT+ SDK

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT+

Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of the Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT+ SDK, a game-changing telematics solution designed to elevate fleet management to new heights. Unleashing a host of advanced features and customization options, this device empowers fleet managers with unprecedented control and insights.

FMS500 Light+ Applications: Tailored Solutions for Your Fleet
The XG3700 LIGHT+ SDK is equipped with a range of applications under FMS500 Light+, ensuring that your fleet experiences tailored solutions that address specific operational needs and challenges.

SDK – Unique Scenarios & Algorithms: Customization at Its Best
Take advantage of the SDK feature to create unique scenarios and algorithms, customizing the device to align perfectly with your fleet’s distinctive requirements. This level of customization enhances the precision of your fleet management strategy.

MQTT-Based Data Transfer Protocol: Seamless and Reliable Communication

Facilitate seamless and reliable communication with the MQTT-based data transfer protocol. This technology ensures that data transmission between the XG3700 LIGHT+ SDK and your fleet management system is efficient, enabling real-time updates and insights.

LTE/2G/3G Optional: Versatile Connectivity Solutions

Enjoy versatile connectivity options with optional support for LTE, 2G, and 3G. This flexibility ensures that your fleet stays connected regardless of the network environment, providing uninterrupted communication and data transfer.

Driver Identification: Enhanced Security and Accountability
Enhance security and accountability with the Driver Identification feature. This robust system accurately identifies drivers, offering insights into individual performance and ensuring secure access control to fleet resources.

Geofencing: Precision Control Over Fleet Movement
Define precise virtual boundaries with Geofencing to monitor and control fleet movement. Receive instant alerts when vehicles enter or exit predefined areas, allowing for heightened control over your fleet’s spatial dynamics.

Fuel Level Sensors: Optimize Fuel Management
Optimize fuel management with Fuel Level Sensors. Real-time monitoring of fuel levels allows for informed decision-making, identifying inefficiencies, and contributing to improved fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness across your fleet.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Safeguard Sensitive Cargo
Ensure the safety of sensitive cargo with Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Real-time monitoring of environmental conditions allows for proactive measures, protecting goods that require specific temperature and humidity levels.

Overspeeding Control: Promoting Safe Driving Practices
Promote safe driving practices with Overspeeding Control. Set and monitor speed limits, receive alerts for violations, and enhance overall driver safety by discouraging unsafe driving behaviors.

Track & Trace: Real-Time Fleet Monitoring

Enable real-time fleet monitoring with Track & Trace functionality. Stay updated on the location and movement of your vehicles, ensuring precise tracking capabilities and enhancing overall visibility into your fleet’s activities.

Ecodriving: Sustainable Fleet Practices
Contribute to sustainable fleet practices with Ecodriving features. Gain insights into driver behavior, encourage eco-friendly driving practices, and reduce emissions, promoting a greener and more environmentally responsible fleet operation.

Digital Fuel Level Sensors: Accurate Fuel Consumption Metrics
Ensure accurate fuel consumption metrics with Digital Fuel Level Sensors. This feature provides detailed insights into fuel usage, enabling better management of fuel-related expenses and increased cost-effectiveness.

Remote Output Control: Flexible Fleet Management Solutions
Achieve flexibility in fleet management with Remote Output Control. Take advantage of remote control functionalities, responding promptly to dynamic fleet requirements and optimizing overall fleet operations.

Experience the future of fleet management with the Xirgo Global XG3700 LIGHT+ SDK. Tailored applications, advanced features, and customization options empower fleet managers to enhance efficiency, security, and overall performance, making it the ideal choice for modern fleet operations.