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Xirgo Global FMS500 TACHO

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Xirgo Global FMS500 TACHO, a comprehensive telematics solution designed to elevate your fleet management to new heights. Packed with advanced features, this device ensures seamless monitoring, control, and optimization of your fleet operations.

4G/3G/2G (Optional): Versatile Connectivity for Any Network Environment
Benefit from versatile connectivity options with optional 4G, 3G, and 2G support. Xirgo Global FMS500 TACHO ensures uninterrupted connectivity, allowing real-time data transmission and constant monitoring of your fleet across diverse network environments.

Remote Tachograph Data Download: Effortless Compliance Management
Simplify compliance management with remote tachograph data download. Access crucial tachograph data remotely, ensuring seamless compliance with regulations and facilitating efficient management of driver hours and activities.

2 Simultaneous CAN-BUS Connections: Comprehensive Data Integration

Access comprehensive data with the capability for 2 simultaneous CAN-bus connections. This feature enables the integration of multiple data sources, providing a holistic view of your vehicle’s performance, including engine diagnostics and other critical parameters.

Full LCV CAN Data: Tailored Insights for Light Commercial Vehicles

Tailor your insights to light commercial vehicles (LCVs) with full LCV CAN data integration. Gain specific information pertinent to LCVs, enabling more targeted and efficient management of your light commercial vehicle fleet.

Geofencing and Overspeeding: Enhance Control and Safety
Enhance control and safety with Geofencing and Overspeeding features. Define virtual perimeters and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit specific areas. Monitor and control speed limits to ensure safe driving practices.

Fuel Level Sensors: Accurate Monitoring for Efficient Operations
Optimize fuel consumption with accurate monitoring using fuel level sensors. Track fuel levels in real time, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs.

RFID Support/Driver ID: Secure Fleet Access and Accountability
Ensure secure access control and accountability with RFID support and Driver ID features. Implement RFID technology for streamlined vehicle access, and monitor individual driver performance to enhance accountability and efficiency.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Safeguard Sensitive Cargo
Safeguard sensitive cargo with Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Monitor environmental conditions in real time, receive alerts for deviations, and ensure the integrity of goods requiring specific temperature and humidity levels.

Remote Output Control and Immobilization: Flexible Fleet Management
Enjoy flexible fleet management with Remote Output Control and Immobilization capabilities. Remotely control specific functionalities and immobilize vehicles when necessary, ensuring quick and responsive fleet management.

Remote Temperature Read from Digital Thermograph: Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
Enable real-time temperature monitoring with the remote reading feature from digital thermographs. Ensure the preservation of temperature-sensitive goods and receive instant alerts for deviations.

Empower Your Fleet with FMS500 TACHO
Experience the power of Xirgo Global FMS500 TACHO in transforming your fleet management. From compliance management to real-time monitoring, this solution empowers you to optimize operations, enhance safety, and streamline efficiency across your entire fleet.