Xirgo Global FMS500 STCAN

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global

Explore the advanced features of Xirgo Global FMS500 STCAN, a sophisticated telematics solution designed to elevate your fleet management capabilities. With a range of applications tailored for efficiency and precision, this device ensures seamless monitoring and control of your vehicles.

LTE/3G/2G Optional: Uninterrupted Connectivity for Any Environment
Benefit from versatile connectivity options with optional LTE, 3G, and 2G support. Xirgo Global FMS500 STCAN keeps your fleet connected across various network environments, providing real-time data and enabling continuous monitoring and control.

Track & Trace: Real-Time Visibility for Optimal Routes
Optimize your fleet’s routes with Track & Trace functionality. Gain real-time visibility into your vehicles’ locations, enabling efficient route planning, reducing transit times, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

2 Simultaneous CAN-Bus Connections: Comprehensive Data Integration
Access comprehensive data with the capability for 2 simultaneous CAN-bus connections. This feature enables the integration of multiple data sources, providing a holistic view of your vehicle’s performance, including engine diagnostics and other critical parameters.

FMS CAN & Sensors via J1939: Streamlined Fleet Management

Streamline your fleet management with FMS CAN and sensors via J1939 integration. Monitor and analyze data from the vehicle’s FMS (Fleet Management System) and J1939-compliant sensors, gaining insights into performance and operational metrics.

Main LCV CAN Data: Critical Insights for Light Commercial Vehicles

Capture critical insights specific to light commercial vehicles (LCVs) with Main LCV CAN Data integration. Access essential information for more targeted and efficient management of your LCV fleet.

Geofencing and Overspeeding: Enhance Control and Safety
Enhance control and safety with Geofencing and Overspeeding features. Define virtual perimeters and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit specific areas. Monitor and control speed limits to ensure safe driving practices.

Fuel Level Sensors: Varied Options for Accurate Monitoring
Opt for analog, frequency, or digital fuel level sensors for accurate monitoring. Keep a close eye on fuel consumption patterns, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to optimize fuel usage.

Driver Identification: Personalized Tracking and Accountability
Achieve personalized tracking and accountability with Driver Identification. Assign unique driver profiles, monitor individual performance, and implement targeted training programs for improved driver behavior and efficiency.

RFID Support: Secure and Efficient Access Control
Ensure secure and efficient access control with RFID support. Implement RFID technology for streamlined vehicle access, enhancing security and enabling efficient management of your fleet.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Safeguard Sensitive Cargo
Safeguard sensitive cargo with Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Monitor environmental conditions in real time, receive alerts for deviations, and ensure the integrity of goods requiring specific temperature and humidity levels.

Remote Output Control and Immobilization: Flexible Fleet Management
Enjoy flexible fleet management with Remote Output Control and Immobilization capabilities. Remotely control specific functionalities and immobilize vehicles if necessary, ensuring quick and responsive fleet management.

Elevate Your Fleet Management with FMS500 STCAN
Revolutionize your fleet management with the precision and versatility of Xirgo Global FMS500 STCAN. From real-time tracking to comprehensive data integration, this solution empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and ensure the efficiency of your entire fleet.