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Xirgo Global FMS500 ONE

Manufacturer: Xirgo Global
Xirgo Global FMS500 ONE

In the dynamic landscape of fleet management, the Xirgo Global FMS500 ONE stands out as a game-changer, offering a suite of cutting-edge features to streamline operations, enhance security, and boost overall efficiency.

Experience unparalleled precision in location tracking with the FMS500 ONE’s internal GPS/GSM antennas. This robust system ensures real-time and reliable positioning, providing a solid foundation for efficient fleet management.

Internal GPS/GSM Antennas: Precision at its Core

Geofencing: Tailored Boundaries for Enhanced Control
Tailor your fleet’s operational boundaries with the Geofencing feature. Create customized virtual perimeters, enabling you to receive instant alerts when vehicles enter or exit designated areas. This feature empowers you with enhanced control and responsiveness.

Crash Detection: Swift Response to Emergencies
Safety takes precedence with the FMS500 ONE’s crash detection capability. In the event of an accident or impact, this feature triggers immediate notifications, facilitating a swift response to emergencies and ensuring the well-being of drivers and the security of assets.

Immobilization: Proactive Anti-Theft Measures
Combat unauthorized use and theft with the Immobilization feature. Remotely immobilize a vehicle to prevent further movement, adding an extra layer of security and deterring potential theft. Proactive measures for enhanced asset protection.

Overspeeding Control: Promoting Safer Driving Practices
Instill a culture of responsible driving with Overspeeding Control. Receive prompt alerts when vehicles exceed predefined speed limits, encouraging safer driving practices and reducing the risk of accidents on the road.

Internal Odometer: Efficient Mileage Management
Optimize vehicle maintenance schedules with the Internal Odometer feature. Accurate mileage tracking ensures timely servicing, minimizes unexpected breakdowns and contributes to the overall longevity and reliability of your fleet.

GSM Jamming Detection: Uninterrupted Connectivity
Maintain seamless communication with your fleet by detecting GSM jamming attempts. The FMS500 ONE identifies any interference promptly, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for consistent tracking and monitoring.

Track & Trace: Real-Time Visibility for Informed Decisions
Gain real-time visibility into your fleet’s movements with the Track & Trace feature. This capability allows you to make informed decisions, optimize routes, and also enhance operational efficiency through precise location monitoring.

Remote Output Control: Flexible On-Demand Functionality
Take command remotely with the FMS500 ONE’s Remote Output Control feature. Activate specific functionalities or manage vehicle systems on-demand, while providing unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness for optimal fleet control.

Elevate Your Fleet Management Experience

Empower your fleet management endeavors with the comprehensive capabilities of the Xirgo Global FMS500 ONE. From precise tracking to proactive security measures, this advanced system redefines the standards of fleet management, ensuring a new era of efficiency and reliability.