Manufacturer: WanWayTech

WanWayTech-S20, a powerful and portable 4G asset GPS tracker designed for versatility and reliability. This self-contained battery-powered device is easily transferable between vehicles, making it ideal for various applications, from logistics and refrigerated cargo to construction and asset monitoring.

Portable and Versatile Asset Tracking

The S20 is not confined to a single vehicle; its portable design allows for easy relocation between different vehicles or placement in packages. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for tracking valuable assets across a spectrum of scenarios.

Professional Tracking for Diverse Industries

Tailored for the transport and logistics industry, refrigerated cargo, container tracking, construction, and valuable asset monitoring, the S20 proves its versatility in meeting the tracking needs of various industries. It’s also a valuable tool for criminal investigations.

Ample Battery Capacity for Extended Use

Equipped with a large 6000mAh battery capacity, the S20 ensures extended use between charges. This feature is especially crucial for applications where continuous tracking is essential, providing users with confidence in the device’s longevity.

Advanced Security Features

The S20 goes beyond basic tracking with advanced security features. The inclusion of a light sensor and disassemble alarm adds an extra layer of protection against tampering, ensuring the device’s integrity and the security of your assets.

Strong Magnetic Attachment for Easy Installation

With a strong magnetic attachment, the S20 offers easy and secure installation. This feature enhances the tracker’s adaptability to different surfaces and ensures stable placement for accurate tracking.

Real-time Tracking and Alerts

Experience real-time tracking capabilities with the S20, allowing you to monitor your assets with precision. The device provides multiple alert protections, ensuring you stay informed about any unexpected events or deviations from the norm.

Remotely Voice Monitoring for Added Security

WanWayTech-S20 takes security a step further with the ability for remotely voice monitoring. This feature enables users to listen in remotely, enhancing situational awareness and adding an extra dimension to asset tracking.

Elevate Your Asset Tracking with S20

In summary, the WanWayTech-S20 stands out as a portable 4G asset GPS tracker with robust features designed for various industries. Its versatility, extended battery life, advanced security measures, and real-time tracking capabilities make it a valuable asset for businesses and organizations seeking reliable and efficient asset monitoring. Elevate your asset tracking experience with the S20 and ensure the security and visibility of your valuable assets.

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