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Wanwaytech GS21 – 2G OBD

Manufacturer: WanWayTech
GS21 - 2G OBD

Explore the unmatched capabilities of the GS21, a cutting-edge 2G OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) tracking device designed to elevate your driving experience. With a focus on real-time tracking, user-defined geo-fencing, malfunction diagnostics, and more, the GS21 is your go-to solution for enhanced vehicle monitoring.

Real-Time Tracking: Stay Connected on the Go

GS21 offers real-time tracking, allowing you to stay connected with your vehicle at all times. Whether you’re a vigilant car owner, part of the booming online car-hailing industry, or managing a car rental service, the GS21 ensures you have the latest information on your vehicle’s whereabouts.

User-Defined Geo-fence: Tailored Security for Your Vehicle
Customize your security parameters with the user-defined geo-fence feature of the GS21. Set geographical boundaries, and receive instant notifications when your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas. This personalized security layer adds an extra level of control to your tracking experience.

Malfunction Diagnostics: Smart Vehicle Health Monitoring
GS21 goes beyond basic tracking; it offers malfunction diagnostics for smart vehicle health monitoring. Receive timely alerts and notifications about potential issues with your vehicle, empowering you to address concerns before they escalate. Proactive vehicle diagnostics ensure a smooth and worry-free drive.

Built-in Battery: Uninterrupted Tracking Power
Equipped with a robust built-in 60mAh battery, the GS21 ensures uninterrupted tracking power. This feature is especially beneficial when your vehicle is parked or when there’s a temporary loss of power. The built-in battery provides an additional layer of reliability to your tracking system.

Trace Playback: Review and Analyze Journey History
GS21’s trace playback feature allows you to review and analyze your vehicle’s journey history. Gain valuable insights into past routes and activities, facilitating comprehensive tracking and management. Whether for personal use or business purposes, trace playback enhances your overall tracking experience.

Elevate Your Vehicle Monitoring with GS21

In conclusion, the GS21 is more than just a tracking device; it’s a comprehensive solution for vehicle monitoring. From real-time tracking to user-defined geo-fencing and smart vehicle health monitoring, GS21 empowers you with the tools you need for a secure and efficient driving experience. Elevate your vehicle monitoring game with GS21, the epitome of 2G OBD technology.

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