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WanWayTech GS18 – GPS

Manufacturer: WanWayTech
GS18 - GPS

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of WanWayTech GS18, a cutting-edge 2G portable GPS tracker designed to revolutionize real-time positioning and tracking. With a massive 4200mAh battery capacity, this device is engineered to meet the long-term tracking requirements of various industries.

Powerful Tracking for Diverse Industries

The GS18 stands out as a wireless real-time positioning device with versatile applications across different industries. From the transport and logistics sector to the refrigerated cargo industry, container tracking, construction, safeguarding valuable assets, to aiding in criminal investigations, the GS18 is a professional tracking solution.

Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Tracking

Equipped with a formidable 4200mAh battery, the GS18 ensures prolonged operational capabilities, while making it an ideal choice for scenarios requiring extended tracking durations. This feature caters to the diverse needs of users seeking reliable and continuous tracking for their assets.

Real-Time Tracking: Stay Connected Always
Experience real-time tracking like never before with WanWayTech GS18. Keep a constant eye on your assets or vehicles, enabling you to make prompt decisions and enhance operational efficiency. Stay connected and in control with the GS18’s robust tracking capabilities.

User-Defined Geo-fence: Personalized Security
Tailor your security measures with the GS18’s user-defined Geo-fence feature. Define specific geographic boundaries and receive instant alerts when the device enters or exits these predefined areas. This personalized security feature adds an extra layer of control to your tracking experience.

Light Sensor Disassemble Alarm: Enhanced Security Measures
Benefit from advanced security measures with the GS18’s light sensor disassemble alarm. Receive immediate notifications in the event of any attempt to tamper with the device. This proactive alert system also ensures that you stay informed and can take swift action against potential threats.

Strong Magnetic Attachment: Secure and Convenient
The GS18 features a strong magnetic design, allowing for secure attachment to various surfaces. This magnetic capability also enhances both the security and convenience aspects of the device, making it adaptable to different tracking scenarios.

Trace Playback: Review and Analyze Movement History
The GS18’s trace playback feature enables users to review and analyze the historical movement of tracked assets. This functionality provides valuable insights into past routes and activities, while aiding in comprehensive tracking and management.

Elevate Your Tracking Experience with WanWayTech GS18

WanWayTech GS18 sets a new standard in portable GPS tracking, combining powerful features with user-friendly design. Whether you’re in logistics, asset management, or law enforcement, the GS18 delivers reliability, security, and advanced tracking capabilities. Stay connected, stay secure with WanWayTech GS18.

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