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Wanwaytech G19S

Manufacturer: WanWayTech

Discover the advanced features and seamless tracking capabilities of the G19S, a state-of-the-art 2G 8PIN 250MAH SOS MIC GPS tracker. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this device integrates GSM technology, GPS precision, and built-in sensors to elevate your vehicle security to new heights.

Real-Time Tracking: Stay Informed Wherever You Are

The G19S ensures you stay connected with your vehicle at all times through real-time tracking. Whether you’re monitoring a single vehicle or an entire fleet, the device provides accurate location information, allowing you to make informed decisions on the go.

Remotely Cut-off Petrol/Electricity: Enhanced Security Control
Take charge of your vehicle’s security with the G19S’s unique capability to remotely cut off petrol or electricity. This feature adds an extra layer of control, allowing you to immobilize your vehicle in case of unauthorized use or potential security threats.

Remotely Voice Monitoring: Hear What Matters
Equipped with a built-in microphone, the G19S enables remote voice monitoring. This feature allows you to listen in on what’s happening around your vehicle, providing valuable insights into its surroundings. Enhance your security measures with this innovative listening capability.

SOS Emergency Call: Instant Help at Your Fingertips
The G19S prioritizes your safety with its SOS emergency call feature. In times of distress or emergency, simply activate the SOS call, and the device will send an immediate alert. This feature ensures that help is just a button press away, adding a crucial layer of safety to your journeys.

Platform Checking: Intuitive Monitoring via Smartphones

Experience hassle-free monitoring through the G19S platform checking feature. Easily track the location of your vehicle using your smartphone. The user-friendly platform provides a seamless interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient tracking experience.

Multiple Alert Protections: Comprehensive Security Measures
G19S goes beyond basic tracking with its multiple alert protections. Receive instant notifications for various scenarios, including shocks, vibrations, or unusual movements. Stay ahead of potential threats with the device’s comprehensive alert system.

Elevate Your Vehicle Security with G19S

In conclusion, the Wanwaytech G19S is not just a GPS tracker; it’s a comprehensive security solution for vehicle owners. From real-time tracking and remote control features to voice monitoring and emergency assistance, G19S ensures that your vehicle security is in capable hands. Elevate your vehicle tracking and security with the advanced technology of G19S.

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