Wanwaytech EV02 – Wired

Manufacturer: WanWayTech
EV02 - Wired

Wanwaytech EV02, a cutting-edge 2G GPS tracker designed to meet the increasing anti-theft demands within the automotive market, with a special focus on the electric vehicle and motorcycle industry. This compact device is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS chip, while ensuring swift online connectivity, and operates seamlessly within a voltage range of 9V to 90V.

Swift and Secure Connectivity

EV02 is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS chip, ensuring rapid and efficient online connectivity. Its advanced technology allows for quick and accurate tracking, while meeting the stringent demands of the modern anti-theft landscape.

Wide Voltage Compatibility

Operating flawlessly within a voltage range of 9V to 90V, EV02 ensures versatility and adaptability across various vehicles. Additionally, this wide compatibility makes it a suitable choice for electric vehicles, motorcycles, and a range of other automobiles.

Mini Size, Maximum Convenience

Featuring a mini size, EV02 is designed for easy installation. Its compact form factor ensures discreet placement within your vehicle. The user-friendly design simplifies the installation process, making it accessible for a wide range of users.

Cut-Wire Alarm/ACC Detection

EV02 goes beyond basic tracking with its advanced features, including a cut-wire alarm and ACC detection. This functionality adds an extra layer of security by notifying you in case of any tampering or unauthorized access to the vehicle.

Vibration Alarm for Enhanced Security

Enhance your vehicle’s security with EV02’s vibration alarm. Receive alerts in real-time if any unauthorized attempts, such as towing or forced entry, trigger vibrations. This feature acts as a proactive measure against potential theft.

Real-Time Tracking for Instant Updates

Stay connected with your vehicle at all times through EV02’s real-time tracking. Receive instant updates on your vehicle’s location, allowing you to monitor its movements efficiently. Whether for personal use or fleet management, real-time tracking ensures peace of mind.

Built-in Battery for Uninterrupted Tracking

Wanwaytech EV02 comes with a built-in battery, ensuring uninterrupted tracking even when the vehicle is powered off. This feature guarantees continuous monitoring and provides an added layer of security for your valuable assets.

Elevate Your Vehicle Security with EV02

In conclusion, Wanwaytech EV02 stands out as a powerful and versatile 2G GPS tracker, specifically tailored to address the evolving anti-theft needs in the automotive industry. With its swift connectivity, wide voltage compatibility, and advanced security features, EV02 also offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable vehicle tracking and security. Elevate your vehicle’s security measures with the advanced technology of EV02.