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Vuewo 4CH 1080P

Manufacturer: Vuewo

Fundamental setup
Memory 4GB
Outside camera 2MP sensor,140 Degree Wide point.
Support wide powerful WDR

In-vehicle camera 2MP sensor,140 Degree Wide point.
With infrared night vision, the video is obviously noticeable in obscurity climate in the vehicle

Double memory card Support two TF cards,32GB/64GB/128G/256G
Positioning Beidou/GPS double mode high-accuracy situating module
Gyro Collision alert, vibration caution
Speaker and Mic Build in
ADAS calculation (optional) Advanced driving help framework: path deviation alert, forward impact caution, and vehicle distance excessively close caution
DSM calculation + DSM camera (optional) Driver conduct examination: head down, call, smoke, glance around, yawn, close eyes, no face identified, cover the camera
Face acknowledgment calculation (optional) Identify the driver and report

4CH 1080P