Vjoycar TK05

Manufacturer: Vjoycar
TK05 GPS Device

Vjoycar TK05 takes GPS tracking to a new level with its magnetic, waterproof design, dismount sensor alert, and a robust internal 5000mAh battery. This cost-effective tracker offers seamless tracking through a free GPS tracking platform and adheres to public hardware communication protocols.

Product Highlights: A Glimpse into TK05’s Power

  1. Long-Lasting Battery: Boasting a massive 5000mAh battery, TK05 stands out by providing over 900 days of continuous usage. This longevity ensures uninterrupted tracking without the hassle of frequent recharging.
  2. Powerful Magnet Design: Featuring a powerful magnet design, TK05 eliminates the need for professional installation, making it a cost-effective choice. Its magnetic prowess ensures easy and secure attachment to various surfaces.
  3. Dual Functionality as a Power Bank: TK05 goes beyond tracking; it doubles as a power bank with a 5V1A output. Cleverly disguised, it appears as a high-quality power bank, concealing its true identity as a GPS tracking device.
  4. Anti-Theft Features: TK05 incorporates advanced anti-theft measures. Its built-in motion sensor triggers SMS or call alerts upon detecting vehicle movement. Additionally, the geo-fencing feature sends alerts when the device moves beyond preset boundaries.
  5. Easy GSM SMS Tracking: Simplifying tracking further, TK05 enables easy GSM SMS tracking with street names included in the SMS text. This user-friendly approach enhances the tracking experience.
  6. Free Web-Based Tracking Platform: TK05 comes equipped with a free web-based tracking platform, supporting third-party software such as GPSGate and OpenGTS. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various tracking preferences.
  7. Innovative Drop Alert Sensor: A recent addition to TK05’s arsenal is the drop-alert sensor. This feature prevents accidental drops from vehicles by providing timely alerts, adding an extra layer of security.

Main Features: Unveiling the Technological Marvel

  1. 5000mAh Lithium Battery: A high-capacity lithium battery also ensures an extended operational period.
  2. Drop-Alert Sensor: The innovative drop-alert sensor adds an extra layer of security to prevent accidental drops.
  3. IPX7 Water-Proof: TK05 boasts an IPX7 water-proof rating, ensuring reliability even in challenging weather conditions.
  4. Super Magnetic Build-In: The super magnetic design simplifies installation and enhances stability.
  5. Instant Call Alert: TK05 promptly alerts users with a call when detecting unauthorized vehicle movement.
  6. GSM Quad-Band with GPS/GPRS: Equipped with GSM Quad-Band, TK05 ensures seamless communication and accurate GPS tracking.
  7. Web-Based Real-Time Tracking: The web-based platform allows real-time tracking and replay, providing comprehensive location data.
  8. Built-In Watchdog CPU: To enhance system stability, TK05 incorporates a built-in watchdog CPU, preventing system crashes.
  9. Built-In Motion Sensor: TK05 intelligently utilizes a motion sensor to conserve power, optimizing its operational efficiency.

In conclusion, Vjoycar TK05 emerges as a technological marvel, combining innovation, practicality, and security in a compact design. Whether it’s long-term tracking, anti-theft features, or innovative sensors, TK05 stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of GPS tracking. Experience the future of tracking with Vjoycar TK05.

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