Visiontrack VT3000

Manufacturer: Visiontrack

Revolutionizing the landscape of vehicle cameras, the VisionTrack VT3000 emerges as a forward-facing solution, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional multi-cam DVR setups. With its advanced features and capabilities, the VT3000 is designed to enhance visibility, peace of mind, and overall performance for fleet operations.

Cutting Edge Features for Enhanced Visibility

Optional Digital Camera: Versatile Views The VT3000 sets itself apart by providing the option for an additional digital (IP) internal or external camera. This flexibility allows capturing views from various angles, including the driver, side, rear, or cargo-facing positions. This versatility significantly improves overall visibility, ensuring fleet managers have comprehensive insights into their operations.

4G Connectivity: Seamless Connectivity Equipped with 4G connectivity, the VT3000 ensures a seamless and connected experience. This feature enhances real-time data transmission, enabling fleet managers to stay updated on their vehicles’ status and drivers’ behavior. Moreover, the connectivity ensures that crucial information is readily available for timely decision-making.

Optimum Performance for Fleet Operations

HD-Quality Telematics System: Industry-Leading Performance The VT3000 boasts an industry-leading, connected, and HD-quality vehicle camera and telematics system. The full HD 1080p image quality guarantees optimal performance, while providing clear and detailed visuals. This ensures that fleet managers have access to high-quality footage for monitoring and analysis.

G-Shock Sensor: Accurate Impact Measurement An accurate G-shock sensor is integrated into the VT3000, measuring impact force and driving style. This feature is crucial for understanding how vehicles are being operated and identifying instances of harsh driving or impacts. Fleet managers can use this data to enhance driver training and improve overall safety.

Seamless Monitoring with VisionTrack IoT Platform

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) Alerts: Timely Notifications The VT3000 prioritizes safety with its FNOL alerts, ensuring that fleet managers are promptly notified in the event of an incident. This early notification capability allows for quick response and intervention, minimizing potential damages and improving overall fleet safety.

Built-in GPS and GLONASS Receiver: Precise Location Tracking With a built-in GPS and GLONASS receiver, the VT3000 provides precise location tracking. Fleet managers can monitor the real-time location of their vehicles, enabling efficient route planning, asset tracking, and overall fleet optimization.

Conclusion: VisionTrack VT3000 – Redefining Fleet Visibility and Safety

In conclusion, the VisionTrack VT3000 redefines fleet visibility and safety with its advanced features and optimal performance. With a focus on enhanced visibility, connectivity, and telematics capabilities, the VT3000 proves to be a valuable asset for any fleet operation. VisionTrack continues to innovate, setting new standards for fleet management technologies.