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Uniguard Solar GPS Tracker 4G

Manufacturer: Uniguard

Sun oriented GPS tracker is another plan gps tracker with blend of gps global positioning framework and sun powered charger charging innovation. It is best for following resources and creatures where has no steady power supply.

Sun powered gps tracker is 4G based so it can likewise work in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where has no 2G access. Its reinforcement battery is 9000mAH, and it can most recent 30 days without charging.

It is IP67 waterproof so no need stress stormy days. It situate by GPS as well as by WIFI area of interest. With WIFI, client could arrangement WIFI at any point wall to restrict resources for wifi inclusion region. With GPS, client can arrangement Geo-wall for a bigger inclusion.

It additionally upholds unapproved evacuation alert with light sensor. Whenever gadget is taken out from collar, there is moment caution on Application and Web. The boisterous speaker might in fact frighten away the resource criminal.


solar gps tracker