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Uniguard GPS Tracker GT07L

Manufacturer: Uniguard

LTE GPS Tracker GT07L is an uncommonly planned waterproof GPS beacon with 4G groups. It utilizes the SIMCOM Cat1 GSM module and AT6558R GPS chip. T07L is IP67 waterproof GPS Tracker with a vigorous ABS plan to work in any climate on any vehicle, for trucks, vehicles, and motorbikes.

Because of the groups’ disparities in various landmasses, their GSM module is unique, primarily Feline 1 GSM module for Europe and Feline M1 for America.

It has an underlying 80mAh 3.7V reinforcement battery for the power alter caution. With worked in memory, it can store 2000 focuses when there is no GSM inclusion. All the more significantly, it upholds remote redesigning over the air, which makes it simple to tackle the issue on the off chance that there is any.


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