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Uniguard Fuel Tracker UM777

Manufacturer: Uniguard

Associated with ultrasonic fuel sensor, UM777 can offer exact screen of fuel utilization checking, fuel spill and refuel, with Time, Address and Fuel sum showed on web following programming. By use of RS232 or RS485, it can interface at most 5 gps fuel sensor to screen FIVE distinct tanks or compartments, which is ideally suited for big hauler checking.

Associated with wired temperature sensor, UM777 can offer exact temperature observing, giving Low Temp. also, Hight Temp. alert. By use of RS232, it can all things considered associate 4 different temperature sensor.

Associated with weight sensor, UM777 can offer stacking checking. The stacking, reloading and uloading information will be obviously shown and recorded on the web following programming.

With assistance of UM777 and web following programming, the armada proprietors can from a distance and continuous screen their armada status.

Fuel Utilization Checking Gadget UM770 utilizes 4G/3G/2G organization.

GPS Tracker UM777