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Uniguard 4G Magnet GPS Tracker

Manufacturer: Uniguard

4G magnet GPS Tracker GL700 is a recently planned area tracker with 4G groups. Because of the way that 2G organizations in all nations have a dusk date. The market for 2G is becoming not many and not entirely set in stone to foster mode 4G module-based GPS beacons.

GL700 4G magnet GPS tracker accompanies 10,000 battery-powered battery. It has 3 working modes:

Fixed following mode: 4G GPS reports to the server at a preset span, which consumes power quickest.

Shrewd following mode: 4G magnet tracker will fall asleep mode in the event that there is no shock or development. It awakens and begins to report area information to the server when there is shock and development.

4g magnet gps tracker