Uniguard Spy GPS Tracker PG10

Manufacturer: Uniguard

spy gps trackerpg10 voice recording

Spy GPS Tracker PG10 is a recently planned smaller than usual size GPS beacon for vehicle , resources and individual use.

PG10 can be utilized as a covert operative gadget. It is samll in size at 21*29*50 mm yet with 800mAh battery. It accompanies ultra clear recording chip, supporting continuous and remote voice recording . Too it is a GPS beacon supporting realtime area following by Web and Application.

Little size, Huge battery, Solid Magnet, Ultra Recording Chip make PG10 an ideal Covert operative GPS tracker. (It is to utilized for lawful reason as it were!)

It likewise has a form with 2500mah Battery avaiable at size of 18*38*58mm!

Spy GPS Tracker PG10