Uniguard GPS Tracker BT02

Manufacturer: Uniguard

Bike GPS Tracker BT02 is a new and very much planned GPS tracker for the bicycle. It has 2G and 4G renditions, so it can work from one side of the planet to the other, particularly in nations that have no 2G organization inclusion any longer. Bicycle Tracker BT02 It has 2G rendition too.

BT02 bike GPS tracker is a secret scaled down bicycle GPS tracker, which has the state of a bicycle tail light, and the light areas of strength for is night with left/right turn and brake sign, which can be constrained by a little remote mounted on the bike handle.

Bicycle following gadget BT02 is quite possibly of the best Gp tracker for bicycle with a battery-powered 2400mAh battery. With a following Application and Web following stage, client can follow their cycle whenever anyplace.

Bike gps tracker at GPSPOS stage has no month to month expense. UniGuard offers the best low cost for a remote bicycle gps tracker.

BT02 tracker