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Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G

Manufacturer: Uniguard
GPS bracelet

The Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G, a revolutionary creation by Uniguard, seamlessly combines the functionality of a GPS beacon and an arm band. Specifically designed for adults and seniors, this wristband serves as an emergency tracking device, especially beneficial for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s and autism.

Key Features: Beyond Traditional Tracking

1. Health Monitoring: Beyond Location Tracking

This GPS tracking wristband goes beyond conventional tracking by incorporating health monitoring features. Users can keep tabs on pulse, blood pressure, and temperature detection. All this vital information is seamlessly transmitted to the IOS/Android-based tracking application, while providing a holistic view of the wearer’s health.

2. Comprehensive Application: Your Health Manager

The accompanying application is a powerhouse of features. From pill-eating reminders to step counting and overall health management, it ensures that the user’s well-being is a top priority. This comprehensive approach makes the Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G more than just a tracking device; it’s a health companion.

Design and Durability: Water-Resistant and User-Friendly

The wristband boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, while making it resilient against water exposure. The strategically designed SOS button facilitates easy and quick emergency calls for assistance. If the wristband is forgotten somewhere, its ringtone feature comes to the rescue, while ensuring an effortless location.

Battery Life and Power Efficiency: Long-lasting Assurance

Powered by a 1000mAh battery, the Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G provides an impressive 7 to 10 days of usage. The low-power alert feature ensures users receive timely reminders to recharge, offering uninterrupted functionality when needed.

Conclusion: Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G – A Blend of Safety and Wellness

In conclusion, the GPS Bracelet 4G transcends traditional tracking devices by seamlessly integrating health monitoring features. With its user-friendly design, water-resistant build, and extended battery life, it stands as a beacon of safety and wellness for adults and seniors alike. Embrace a holistic approach to tracking with the Uniguard GPS Bracelet 4G – your reliable companion in health and safety.

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