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Manufacturer: GLONASSSoft

UMKa312 offers seamless performance as a BLE identification system while leveraging the advantages of MyLogic programming technology. With a built-in battery boasting 250 mAh capacity and integrated intelligent power management across all variants, users can expect consistent and reliable navigation experiences. Here are some key features and benefits of UMKa312 trackers:

  • Efficient Data Transmission: UMKa312 trackers are designed to minimize traffic consumption while handling high volumes of data transmission. This ensures optimal performance without overwhelming network resources.
  • Customizable Transmission Settings: Enjoy the flexibility of customizing transmission volume and frequency for each tracker according to specific requirements. This tailored approach allows for efficient data management tailored to diverse tasks.
  • Intelligent Power Management: The intelligent power management system embedded in UMKa312 devices offers several advantages:
    • Hot Start: Enables quick initialization for faster operation.
    • Error Protection: Guards against errors and failures, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
    • Stability in Voltage Fluctuations: Protects against unstable main voltage, enhancing device reliability.
    • Dual Charging Modes: Supports both fast and slow charging modes, offering versatility in charging options.
    • Extended Battery Life: Maximizes battery durability, prolonging operational uptime.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Integration: UMKa312 devices come equipped with BLE technology, facilitating seamless connectivity with compatible devices and systems. This ensures efficient data exchange and communication.
  • Optional RS5485 Compatibility: In addition to BLE, UMKa312 offers optional compatibility with RS5485, expanding connectivity options for diverse use cases and environments.

In summary, UMKa312 trackers combine advanced features with user-friendly customization options, making them ideal for various applications requiring reliable BLE identification and data transmission capabilities. Whether it’s optimizing traffic consumption, tailoring transmission settings, or ensuring robust power management, UMKa312 excels in delivering high-quality navigation solutions.

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