TrakMate TMD 250

Manufacturer: TrakMate
TrakMate TMD 250

The TrakMate TMD 250 series tracking devices empower companies to efficiently oversee locational access and monitor their workforce remotely. These devices find application in both office and retail environments, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.

TrakMate TMD 250 is equipped with an in-built RFID and a cutting-edge GPS receiver, these devices deliver reliable and precise navigation data. The inclusion of a high-capacity battery enhances portability, giving easy usage in various settings.

Noteworthy Features of TrakMate TMD 250:

  1. Panic Alerts: Receive instant notifications in emergency situations.
  2. Main Power Removal Alerts: Stay informed if the device loses its power source.
  3. Tamper Alerts: Get alerted to any unauthorized interference with the device.
  4. SIM Change Alerts: Be notified of any changes in the SIM card.
  5. Over Speed Alerts: TMD 250 Monitor and receive alerts for excessive speeds.
  6. Ignition Alerts: Stay informed about the ignition status of the device.
  7. SMS Alerts: Receive important updates via text messages.
  8. Tilt Alert: Be notified in case of any tilting or unusual positioning.
  9. Up to 15,000 Location Records: Extensive storage for location data.
  10. FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air): Conveniently update device firmware remotely.
  11. Programmable Update Frequency: Tailor updates based on specific needs.
  12. Main Power and Ignition Status: Keep track of power and ignition status.
  13. GPS & Pulse Odometer: TMD 250 Utilize both GPS and pulse odometer for accurate tracking.
  14. TCP/HTTP/HTTPS/UDP Connectivity: Versatile connectivity options for data transmission.
  15. Password Protection: Ensure device security with password authentication.
  16. SMS/GPRS/Serial Configuration: Easily configure settings through various methods.
  17. SIM Lock and DNS: TMD 250 Secure the device with SIM lock and DNS settings.
  18. Angle & Distance Tracking: Precisely monitor both angles and distances.


These features collectively make the TMD 250 series an indispensable tool for companies seeking effective location management and remote workforce monitoring. With its user friendly design and comprehensive capabilities, this device stands out in the market, providing businesses with the tools they need for proper operations and enhanced security.

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