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TrakMate TMD 300

Manufacturer: TrakMate
TrakMate TMD 300

The TrakMate TMD-300 Series telematics device is a cutting edge solution featuring an advanced GNSS receiver, making precise navigation data paired with CAN functionality. This device serves as a reliable tool by transmitting real time information, including location, speed, and distance traveled, to the server through a GPRS connection. Additionally, it aids in monitoring driving behavior through built in accelerometer data, while CAN data identifies various engine parameters, providing better car maintenance.

Product Highlights of TrakMate TMD 300:

  • The TMD-300 Series enhances safety with panic alerts and power removal notifications, giving security and peace of mind to users.
  • Offering taper alerts and over-speed notifications, the device boosts vehicle security and encourages compliance with speed limits.
  • Users receive ignition alerts, gaining insights into the vehicle’s ignition status and increasing overall tracking efficiency.
  • Supporting SMS alerts, the device keeps users informed about critical events and updates related to their vehicle.
  • Tilt alerts provide an added layer of security, notifying users of any abnormal tilting or movement of the vehicle.
  • Features like harsh braking and sudden acceleration alerts aid in monitoring and improving driving behavior.
  • Offering CAN data and a substantial capacity for location records, the TMD-300 Series provides extensive data for comprehensive vehicle insights.
  • TMD 300 Supporting Firmware Over-The-Air updates, the device ensures easy functionality enhancements and allows users to customize update frequencies.
  • Users benefit from monitoring the main power and ignition status, providing a full view of the vehicle’s operational state.
  • TMD 300 GPS odometer and support for various communication protocols, including TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, and UDP, enhance device utility.
  • The addition of password protection and SMS/GPRS configuration ensures secure and user friendly device management.
  • Additional features like SIM lock, DNS support, angle tracking, and distance tracking contribute to the device’s comprehensive functionality and adaptability.


In essence, the TrakMate TMD 300 Series telematics device stands out as a reliable and multifunctional solution, combining advanced features with user-friendly functionalities. From safety alerts to comprehensive data recording capabilities, it offers a full approach to vehicle tracking and monitoring.

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