TrakMate TMD 200

Manufacturer: TrakMate

The TMD-200 Series telematics gadget is outfitted with the
best in class GPS beneficiary giving solid and precise
route information. The gadget sends constant information like area
speed distance made a trip to the server through GPRS association.
The computerized inputs permit highlights like SOS, start checking,
A/C On/Off, Heartbeat Contribution to be incorporated flawlessly. The
computerized result can be utilized to interface an immobilizer and
trigger cautions. The gadget upholds two sequential ports which
can be utilized to connect RFID/Stowed away/Camera/Taxi
Meters/Energy meters supporting different applications.
The gadget can use for two-way correspondence, screen
driving way of behaving with inbuilt accelerometer information. More or less,
anything that might be your application, this item can be worked to

GPS Hardware Device