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TrakMate TMD 200

Manufacturer: TrakMate
TrakMate TMD 200

The TrakMate TMD 200 Series telematics device boasts a cutting edge GPS receiver for dependable navigation data. Transmitting real time information—location, speed, and distance—via GPRS ensures seamless server communication.

Digital inputs facilitate seamless integration of features like SOS, ignition monitoring, A/C On/Off, and Pulse Input. Additionally, the digital output connects to immobilizers and triggers alarms. The device accommodates two serial ports, supporting FID/HID/Camera/Taxi Meters/Energy meters for diverse applications.

With the capability for two-way communication and monitoring driving behavior through an inbuilt accelerometer, this product adapts to various applications. In essence, it’s a better solution tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features of TrakMate TMD 200:

  1. Up to 15,000 Location Records: Ample storage for extensive location data.
  2. FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air): Convenient remote firmware updates.
  3. Programmable Update Frequency: Customize update intervals as per your preferences.
  4. Main Power and Ignition Status: TMD 200 Keep tabs on power and ignition status.
  5. GPS and Pulse Odometer: Utilize both GPS and pulse odometer for accuracy.
  6. TCP/HTTP/HTTPS/UDP Connectivity: Versatile options for easy data transmission.
  7. Password Protection: TMD 200 Enhance security with password authentication.
  8. SMS/GPRS/SERIAL Configuration: Easily configure settings through various methods.
  9. SIM Lock and DNS: Secure the device with SIM lock and DNS settings.
  10. Angle Tracking and Distance Tracking: Precise monitoring of angles and distances.
  11. 2G/3G Connectivity: TMD 200 Ensure connectivity across different network generations.
  12. 3D-ACCELEROMETER: Monitor three-dimensional driving behavior.

In conclusion, the TrakMate TMD 200 Series telematics device stands out as a comprehensive solution adaptable to diverse applications. Its user-friendly features, coupled with advanced functionalities, make it a reliable choice for effective communication, monitoring and data management. Whatever your specific needs, this product is tailored to suit, providing a seamless and secure telematics solution for varied scenarios.

Integration of the TMD 200 device is subject to the terms and conditions of our GPS software.