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Midosa WETRACK LITE is Ideal for car rental, fleet management, and logistics, the WeTrack Lite GPS device is a lightweight solution, weighing only 26.6g. The device’s discreet design, including hidden LEDs, ensures it remains inconspicuous, keeping drivers unaware unless disclosed.

Key Specifications of Midosa WETRACK LITE:

1. Weight and Compactness: Weighing a mere 26.6g, the WeTrack Lite excels in being compact and lightweight, ensuring easy handling and installation.

2. WETRACK LITE Application Suitability: Tailored for car rental, fleet management, and logistics, the device is crafted to meet the specific needs of these industries seamlessly.

3. Enhanced Accuracy: Featuring improved accuracy, the WeTrack Lite stands out in providing precise location information, contributing to efficient vehicle management.

4. Simplified Vehicle Location: The device is explicitly designed to simplify the process of locating and routing vehicles, streamlining operational efficiency for businesses.

5. Discreet Visibility: The WeTrack Lite boasts a hidden LED design, making the device virtually “invisible” to drivers. It ensures covert tracking without drivers being aware.

6. User Notification: Unless explicitly communicated, drivers remain oblivious to the presence of the device, ensuring seamless integration into vehicle operations.

In summary, the WeTrack Lite GPS device offers an optimal solution for businesses engaged in car rental, fleet management, and logistics. Its lightweight and compact design, coupled with better accuracy, simplifies vehicle tracking while maintaining discreetness through its hidden LED feature. This device provides a user friendly and efficient tool for businesses to manage their vehicles effectively.

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