Midosa WETRACK 2


The Midosa WETRACK 2 GPS vehicle tracker caters to diverse needs, functioning seamlessly across electromobiles, motorcycles, cars, and trucks due to its broad voltage range. Despite its compact size, it houses a reliable electric circuit and internal battery, offering essential tracking features alongside SOS call, tele-cutoff fuel, geo-fence, overspeed alert, and historical data upload.

Key Features of Midosa WETRACK 2:

1. Versatile Voltage Range: With a working voltage spanning from 9-90VDC, it adapts effortlessly to various vehicles’ power supplies.

2. Lightweight and Efficient: Despite its 38-gram weight, the WeTrack2 is fully equipped with all necessary functionalities, ensuring efficiency without compromising on essential features.

3. Backup Battery Support: Featuring a built-in battery, the WeTrack2 sustains standby mode for up to 60 hours. During power supply failures, it operates as a backup for around three hours, aiding in troubleshooting.

4. Enhanced GPS Chipset: Equipped with the latest MTK high-sensitive GPS chipset along with an internal antenna, it accelerates TTFF (Time to first fix) and ensures precise and rapid location pinpointing.

5. ACC Detection: The device offers ACC detection functionality, enhancing its capabilities in tracking and monitoring vehicle movement.

Overall, the WeTrack2 GPS vehicle tracker stands out for its adaptability across various vehicle types due to its wide voltage range. Despite its lightweight design, it incorporates essential functions and a robust backup battery, ensuring continuous tracking and emergency functionalities. Moreover, its advanced GPS chipset aids in swift and accurate location tracking, complementing its efficient features.

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