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Midosa QBIT MINI Personal GPS Tracker introduces a whole new dimension of awareness and convenience. With its compact and lightweight design, it prioritizes both mobility and reliability. Equipped with GPS technology, the Qbit allows real-time location tracking accessible from computers, tablets, or smartphones. Its durability extends to withstanding extreme environments, making it an ideal choice for various demographics.

Key Specifications of Midosa QBIT MINI:

1. Weight and Dimensions: Weighing in at 58g, the Qbit boasts a compact design with dimensions of 86.0 (L) × 46.0 (W) × 17.0 (H) mm, ensuring ease of use and portability.

2. Operating Conditions: Furthermore, the Qbit performs reliably in a broad temperature range, from -25℃ to 70℃, and operates seamlessly in humidity levels ranging from 5% to 95%.

3. LED Indicators: Featuring three LED indicators—GPS (Blue), GSM (Green), and Power (Red)—the Qbit provides visual cues for various operational states.

4. Keypad and Emergency Call Key: The keypad indicator includes numbers 1 through 4, with a dedicated SOS key for emergency calls, enhancing user accessibility.

5. GSM and GPRS: Supporting GSM frequencies of 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and equipped with GPRS Class12, the Qbit ensures reliable communication with a built-in GSM module.

6. GPS Technology: Powered by the MT3326 GPS module and featuring 20 GPS channels, the Qbit delivers accurate location tracking with sensitivities of -159dBm (tracking) and -144dBm (acquisition).

7. Locating Time: The Qbit excels in quick locating times—hot start takes less than 2 seconds, warm start under 15 seconds, and cold start under 38 seconds (open sky).

8. Antennas: Furthermore, its is built with a high-gain GPS antenna and a built-in GSM quad-band antenna, the Qbit ensures reliable signal reception.

9. Battery: While the device operates on a 3.7VDC/800mAh battery, providing a balance between power and longevity for extended usage.


Qbit Personal GPS Tracker merges style, and accuracy, making it an optimal choice for tracking diverse user groups. Its user-friendly design, coupled with advanced features, sets it apart in the realm of personal tracking devices.

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