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Midosa GT06N


The Midosa GT06N, a versatile GPS Vehicle Tracker from Iconcox, stands as the best-selling product in their lineup, featuring unique functions that set it apart. This mini GPS tracker, tailored for cars and trucks, comes equipped with an internal battery and can be discreetly installed in shelters.

Distinctive Features of Midosa GT06N:

1. Multifunctional Design: The GT06N, renowned as Iconcox’s best-seller, boasts a multifunctional design that caters to a wide range of customer needs. Its unique features make it stand out in the market.

2. Miniature Size and Originality: As a mini GPS tracker, the GT06N not only differs in appearance but also brings originality to the table. Its compact size makes it suitable for discreet installations in car or truck shelters.

3. Internal Battery: With an internal battery, the GT06N ensures continuous functionality, providing an added layer of reliability for uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

Key Functions:

1. Tele-Cut Off Function (Petrol / Electricity): The GT06N introduces a tele-cut off function, enabling users to remotely cut off petrol or electricity to their vehicles. This proves invaluable in cases of theft, allowing users to take control through platform messages.

2. Geo-Fence Function: Worried about your vehicle’s security? The GT06N offers a Geo-Fence function, eliminating concerns about theft. When your vehicle moves outside the defined Geo-fence, an alarm activates.

3. SOS Alarm: In potentially dangerous situations, the GT06N ensures your safety with its SOS alarm feature. With just a push of a button, you can trigger an alarm in case of a robbery or other emergencies.

The GT06N isn’t just a GPS tracker; it’s a comprehensive solution that prioritizes customer needs. From its compact design to essential features like Geo-Fence and SOS Alarm, it combines simplicity with effectiveness. Choose the GT06N for a reliable and user-friendly GPS tracking experience that ensures the safety and security of your vehicles.

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