Totem Tech – AT09

Manufacturer: Totem Tech
Totem Tech - AT09

Explore the advanced features of the Totem Tech AT09, a cutting-edge GPS tracker designed to enhance real-time monitoring and data-trace tracking. Let’s delve into the key functionalities that make this device a standout in the world of GPS tracking.

Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring

One of the standout features of the Totem Tech AT09 is its capability for real-time tire pressure monitoring. This functionality ensures that users can stay informed about tire conditions, promoting vehicle safety and efficiency.

Multi-Peripheral Connectivity

With three serial ports, including one RS485 and two RS232, the AT09 provides extensive connectivity for multiple peripherals. This flexibility allows for the integration of various devices, enhancing the tracker’s versatility.

Simultaneous Temperature Sensor Monitoring

The AT09 goes a step further by supporting the monitoring of two temperature sensors simultaneously. This feature is crucial for industries where temperature-sensitive cargo or equipment needs close attention.

Dual Server Data Transmission

Ensuring redundancy and reliability, the AT09 can send data to two servers simultaneously. This dual-server capability enhances data security and ensures that information is seamlessly transmitted for real-time tracking.

Comprehensive Fuel Sensor Monitoring

The AT09 stands out by supporting the monitoring of four fuel sensors simultaneously. This allows for precise fuel level detection with high accuracy, contributing to efficient fuel management.

Multi-Constellation Satellite Support

Supporting both GPS and GLONASS simultaneously, and optionally BeiDou and Galileo, the AT09 ensures robust satellite connectivity. This multi-constellation support enhances tracking accuracy, especially in challenging environments.

Robust Firmware and Stable Hardware

The AT09 is designed with robust firmware and stable hardware, incorporating a watchdog for added stability. This ensures the device’s reliability, crucial for continuous and uninterrupted tracking operations.

Accelerometer for Movement Status Monitoring

Featuring a 3-axis digital accelerometer, the AT09 provides movement status monitoring. This capability is valuable for tracking the movement and positioning of assets, adding an extra layer of security.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Update

With firmware update capabilities via OTA, the AT09 ensures that users can easily and remotely keep the device up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Wide Voltage Range and Protection

Supporting a voltage range of DC 9v to 50v with over-voltage protection, the AT09 is adaptable to various power sources, adding to its versatility.

GPRS Command and Data Transmission

The AT09 allows users to send commands to GPS trackers via GPRS and transmit GPRS data to an IP or domain name. This functionality facilitates seamless communication and control.

Ample Flash Memory for Data Storage

Equipped with 16Mb Flash Memory, the AT09 can store approximately 4000 data points. This ample storage capacity ensures that historical data is securely retained for analysis and reference.


In conclusion, the Totem Tech AT09 GPS tracker stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of tracking technology. With its advanced features, real-time monitoring capabilities, and robust design, the AT09 offers a comprehensive solution for diverse tracking needs. Choose the Totem Tech AT09 for a reliable and efficient GPS tracking experience that goes beyond expectations.

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