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Totem Tech – AT07

Manufacturer: Totem Tech
Totem Tech - AT07

Discover the cost-effective and efficient vehicle tracking capabilities of TotemTech AT07. This GPS tracking device is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring for various events, ensuring optimal control and security for your vehicles.

Cost-Effective Vehicle Tracking

The TotemTech AT07 stands out as a budget-friendly solution for vehicle tracking. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t compromise on functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable tracking device without breaking the bank.

Events Monitoring for Enhanced Control

The AT07 excels in events monitoring. Let’s explore the key events it monitors:

  1. Deviation from the Route: Receive immediate alerts if the vehicle deviates from its intended route, allowing for prompt corrective action.
  2. Distance Between Objects: Efficiently monitor the distance between objects, aiding in route planning and optimization.
  3. Driver Change: Track driver changes to manage shifts in personnel responsible for the vehicle, enhancing personnel management.
  4. Engine Excessive Idling: Monitor instances of excessive idling to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  5. Entrance or Exit from Geofence: Set up geofences and receive notifications when a vehicle enters or exits these predefined geographical areas, enhancing security measures.
  6. Excessive Driving and Parking: Maintain control over excessive driving and parking durations, promoting safe and responsible vehicle operation.
  7. External Power Cut: Receive alerts for external power cuts, ensuring awareness of potential power-related issues affecting the device.
  8. Fuel Level Change: Stay informed about changes in fuel levels, enabling timely maintenance and efficient fuel consumption management.
  9. GPS Antenna Cut: Monitor the integrity of the GPS antenna, receiving alerts if any tampering is detected.
  10. GPS Signal Lost/Recover: Monitor and recover from GPS signal losses, ensuring continuous and reliable tracking capabilities.
  11. Harsh Driving: Detect instances of harsh driving, while promoting safer driving practices and vehicle longevity.
  12. Low Battery: Receive alerts for low battery levels, while ensuring timely maintenance and uninterrupted device operation.
  13. Outputs Triggering: Stay informed about outputs triggering, providing insights into vehicle operations and status changes.
  14. Parameter in Range: Receive notifications when specific parameters are within the defined range, ensuring optimal vehicle performance.
  15. Pressing SOS Button: In emergency situations, the AT07 allows for pressing the SOS button, ensuring swift response and assistance.
  16. Shake Sensor: Monitor vehicle movements with a shake sensor, enhancing security against unauthorized access.
  17. Unauthorized Movement: Detect unauthorized movement, providing an additional layer of security against theft or misuse.


In conclusion, the TotemTech AT07 proves to be a reliable and cost-effective vehicle tracking device. With its extensive events monitoring features, businesses and individuals can enhance control, security, and efficiency in their vehicle operations. Choose the TotemTech AT07 for a budget-friendly yet robust solution to your vehicle tracking needs.

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