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Toptraking Personal Tracker

Manufacturer: Toptraking
Toptraking Personal Tracker

The Toptraking Personal Tracker leverages the latest positioning technology to offer peace of mind for tracking various scenarios.

Unique Design for Comfort:

Toptraking Personal Tracker boasts a tiny GPS/GNSS device with a unique design, comfortable whether attached to keys or placed in a pocket. With a slim profile (16mm thin) and lightweight (35g), it fits even in small pockets.

On-Demand Tracking with SMS:

Utilize a smartphone to request your device’s position via SMS, receiving a Google Maps link for accurate tracking. No monthly fees or additional software required.

Live Tracking for Real-Time Updates:

For those who crave real-time location updates, our tracker can be configured for live tracking. Gain access to our iOS and Android apps for seamless monitoring.

Fall Detection for Enhanced Safety:

An essential feature for elderly individuals, our tracker sends an SMS alarm upon detecting a fall, particularly crucial for those with Alzheimer’s or similar conditions.

Smart Sleep Mode for Extended Battery Life:

Our smart algorithm optimizes battery usage, providing an impressive 20 days of tracking when the smart sleep mode is activated. The Toptracking Personal Tracker leads as the smallest tracker with such a prolonged battery life.

In summary, Toptracking Personal Tracker is your reliable companion for tracking children, pets, elderly individuals, lone workers, or valuable assets. With its unique design, on-demand tracking, live tracking capabilities, fall detection, and smart sleep mode, it offers a comprehensive solution for various tracking needs.

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