Toptraking 4G Smart GPS Watch

Manufacturer: Toptraking
Toptraking 4G Smart GPS Watch

Toptraking 4G Smart GPS Watch, is a stylish solution to safeguard your loved ones. Set Geo-Fence alerts for added security.

Key Features of Toptraking 4G Smart GPS Watch:

Versatile Usage: Suitable for kids, elderly individuals, and personal activities like hiking, fishing, and sailing.

Waterproof Design: Boasts an IP67 Waterproof Rating for durability in various environments.

Front-Facing Camera: Allows users to take photos and share them with parents through a dedicated photo gallery.

Comprehensive Positioning: Utilizes GPS, LBS, and WIFI positioning for real-time location tracking of your loved ones.

Camera Functionality: This enables your loved one to capture moments and share them with you seamlessly.

Two-Way Communication: Facilitates voice calls, empowering seniors to reach out when needed, storing up to 12 contacts.

Voice Messaging: Send recorded voice messages effortlessly over data for efficient communication.

Emergency SOS Button: The SOS button, when held for 5 seconds, automatically dials for help, ensuring a quick response.

Geofencing Capabilities: Create up to 3 electronic fences to receive alerts if your loved one ventures beyond the predetermined area.

This 4G Smart GPS Watch is a versatile and reliable solution, offering essential features for the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

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